Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)

Pretty good for a blind guy...

Genre: Action-Adventure Sci-Fi Thriller

Starring: Vin Diesel (The Pacifier; xXx), Colm Feore (Bon Cop, Bad Cop; The Exorcism Of Emily Rose)

Directed By: David Twohy (Below; Pitch Black)
Overview: Five years after his escape, Riddick is hunted again, not only by mercenaries, but a terrifying order of blood-lusting crusaders, who will stop at nothing to return to their Holy Land.

Acting: The acting is as good as you expected a fighting / escaping / dueling movie to be. Nothing impressive.
Rating: 6

This is what it's all about. Good effects, great combat, and sci-fi backgrounds and panoramas. Now and then I could tell that the set designer's budget was limited, but the space and crusader steel was awesome.
Rating: 8

The script was a touch below par. The plot twists did well to elevate this story from the typical action, but the script was not upgraded along with it. Standard comic book quips to be expected.
Rating: 5

The plot was decent. Very easy to follow but with some interesting backstory touches. Unfortunately, some of the action scenes were blatantly gratuitous and really had nothing much to do with advancing the plot. Still, it redeemed itself by throwing in realistic and well developed motivations of others and presenting us with the potential of a sequel (which I see having tremendous possibilities - even if it DOES go straight to video).
Rating: 6

The mood was very oppressive, but I thought the darkest scenes, like the one in the prison, could have been bleaker, more malignant. Some scenes were terrific, but some of the effects lessened the experience for me. Fine overall.
Rating: 6

"Nice Air Riddick!" "Thanks Dawg, just passin' overhead!"

Overall Rating: 62% (Not That Great)

Aftertaste: The movie was probably one preferred by a younger demographic. I thought movies like The Rundown raised the bar a bit on action sequences and plot. Turns out not quite, but I did like the characterizations, they weren't two-dimensional morons out to kill stuff.