Saturday, April 16, 2005

Downfall (2004)

Say what you will about them, but the Nazis has the best uniforms ever...

Genre: War Drama (Germany, Italy, Austria)

Starring: Bruno Ganz (Wings Of Desire; Nosferatu (1979)), Alexandra Maria Lara (The Tunnel)

Directed By: Oliver Hirschbiegel (The Experiment)

Overview: An account of Hitler's final days and his descent into madness, as the Russians invade Berlin.

Acting: The acting was superb. Ganz does an uproarious Hitler without seeming melodramatic. All the others did a great job too, though I did think Hitler's secretary was a little overdone.
Rating: 8

The images were claustrophobic! Most of the film took place inside the command bunker, very dismal. As for the above ground combat scenes, and the ones in the hospital, pretty good visuals.
Rating: 7

The script really was what this movie was about. Really well written, long conversations with Hitler, grand monologues. We really have a great sense of the order and disorder of Hitler and those around them. Great characterizations.
Rating: 8

The plot is a good one, worthy of a film, but I really wish there has been more action. I went in expecting a high-stress situation, and I got it, but in my mind, too much bunker time.
Rating: 7

The claustrophobic atmosphere and the imminence of danger, Berlin's true end ever nearing, grew and grew as the film drew to a close. Suicide after suicide helped keep the terrifying momentum, and holy God the loyalty to Hitler, all the way to the end! Really well done.
Rating: 7

Oh, how nice! A Suprise Nazi Party!

Overall Rating: 74% (More Like Steady Incline)

Aftertaste: The movie sadly, left me wanting more. Every scene was well done, and I'm sure historically accurate, but I wanted to see more of the combat, the devastation, all that dark stuff. Instead we saw a glimpse of the Fűhrer in his madness, and a few of the bigger players in his wake. Good historic film, but not big on the epic drama. Definitely more microcosmic.