Saturday, April 23, 2005

Saw (2004)

Pff, you think you're tough, try sodomy with a rabid mandrill

Genre: Crime Horror Mystery Thriller

Starring: Cary Elwes (Kiss The Girls; The Princess Bride), Danny Glover (Manderlay; Lethal Weapon)

Directed By: James Wan

Overview: A murderous trapmaker has put two more victims in a life or death situation...

Acting: The acting was hammy in parts. Though this is expected in a lower budget, I must admit I was surprised that this production would score this low. Maybe having the main character of Robin Hood: Men in Tights as the lead wasn't the best choice...
Rating: 6

The gore is great, the filters they use are imposing, the short clips of the other crimes and the police pictures. This takes it, really good quality horror camera work. Ooo! That freaky doll!
Rating: 8

The script had its portion of expected speech, but the overall dialogue added to the fright. Nothing brilliant, but it never detracted.
Rating: 7

The plot has a hole here and there, a touch of suspension of disbelief in hindsight, but it's necessary as we watch the mysteries unfold. Revisiting the other traps from the past added background to the intentions of the mind of the killer. Overall, this is believable and what's creepier than knowing something like this could actually happen and it's not about some sci-fi monster in the dark?
Rating: 7

The mood was good and claustrophobic. The ending was great. They really made sure that this film made sense and the psychology kept taking us higher and higher towards the climax. Real oppressive locals everywhere.
Rating: 8

Aww, Jigsaw's lovely rosy cheeks are so adorable!

Overall Rating: 72% (Creepy Good)

Aftertaste: The rating I give here doesn't truly give this movie justice. I really got a huge kick out of this movie, and though I can see why people didn't like this (the acting and a plot process here and there), but I think it's better than Scream, I know What You Did Last Summer, Valentine or any other of those shitty teen slasher flicks from the 90s with no intelligent motive. I will tell people that this is good, and thought not an instant classic, it definitely holds it's own against the rest.