Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

Actually yea, I saw him in Dracula, and I saw him in Sid And Nancy and I saw him True Romance, oh and...

Genre: Family Adventure Fantasy (USA, UK)

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe (The Harry Potter Series), Gary Oldman (True Romance; Immortal Beloved)

Directed By: Alfonso Cuaron (And Your Mother Too)

Overview: The third Harry Potter movie takes us back to Hogwart, though this year Sirius Black has escaped the prison of Azkaban bent on finding and killing the famed Harry Potter.

Acting: The character archetypes were too blatantly defined, again. The director should have toned down Malfoy's smug little portrayal. It was more than "you love to hate" him. I just hate to see a transparent two dimensional performance. I'm sure the kid's a good little actor, but his character is so annoying. Hammy acting from time to time, but overall, professional, especially Thewlis and Oldman.
Rating: 7

Cinematography: The special effects are still pretty cool, I mean those spirit creatures are way out there, and I had heard that the younger kids were scared by them. Hell, I was scared by them! They did a great job making the land and the scenes and the settings grandiose and impressive.
Rating: 8

Script: The writing had its weak spots. It's as though they decided not to concentrate so much on this production, as though they could already guarantee that everyone's money was already in their pockets, which is really the problem with Hollywood sequels.
Rating: 6

Plot: We hate that smug little Malfoy and for some reason he still holds popularity even though Harry bests him every time. That I find unrealistic. All of Hogwart school at this point knows that Harry Potter is a special sort of wizard, meant to fulfill some grand destiny, yet when he uncovers a dark plot, their teacher says, "Well the word of three 13 year old wizards won't sway this decision." Give me a break, and the whole hippogriff plot was too much of a suspension of disbelief. Though in the end it became a plot device, they could have approached it better. There were too many holes in this for me to be happy.
Rating: 5

Mood: You don't even need to be told that this is as good this time as in the other two films in the series. It's a great and fantastical world and I even might say that the creatures within are better than they've been before. Perhaps the fact that the young sorcerers are growing up means his audience is also capable of handling a touch more of the dread we adults find more impressive.
Rating: 8

You know they were cute a few years ago, now it's all creepy pre-pubescence.

Overall Rating: 68% (Not All That Magical)

Aftertaste: This movie is one of those "gotta get around to seeing" kind of films, and sadly, I felt it wasn't more than that for me. Though I was never all that impressed with Harry Potter in the first place, I really see this going downhill, it's like they aren't making any improvements from the first one, and they aren't trying as hard in the next one.