Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Aristocrats (2005)

The talking dawg tells the joke best!

Genre: Comedy Documentary

Starring: Penn & Teller (Penn & Teller Get Killed; "Bullshit"), Howie Mandell (Gremlins; "Deal Or No Deal"), and dozens more comics

Directed By: Paul Provenza

Overview: There's an inside joke among comics, that goes by the name of 'The Aristocrats'. In this documentary, we learn the origins and the evolution of the world's raunchiest joke

Acting: These people are made for the screen, and they act just as well in their natural settings as they would scripted. There's an enormous bunch of comics: Lewis Black, Jon Stewart, Whoopie Goldberg, Drew Carey, Billy Connelly just to name a few. This ride's all about them, but the real filthy surprise is Bob Saget and Gilbert Gottfried. Without them this wouldn't be as funny as it was.
Rating: 8

Cinematography: The quick shots and camera angles make the film dynamic and entertaining to watch. Granted it's not all panoramics and special effects, but they actually go out of their way to make stuff look neat. Good job.
Rating: 7

Script: The jokes are more than the static retelling of 'The aristocrats'. They explain such sexual terms as Dirty Sanchez, felching, the rusty trombone and strawberry shortcake. That Andy Dick is a laugh riot. The permutations of the actual joke and it's history is also rather interesting. Real fun to watch with friends. Oh and they say 'cunt' 19 times. That gets points :P Howie's got a real pottymouth.
Rating: 8

Plot: This has enough versatility to keep you entertained the whole way through and also, too, it throws in a nice couple of candid moments. My favorite part was the mime doing the joke, the card magician doing the joke, and the comics telling it to their one-year-old kids. That's gold, my friend, gold.
Rating: 8

Mood: The whole theme of the film is filth. 'How dirty can you make this joke?' is what it's all about. Like they say, it's the trip, not the punchline. As light-hearted documentaries go, this is one fun film.
Rating: 8

Actuaqlly when the adults tell these filthy ass jokes to their newborn babies, that's the best!

Overall Rating: 78% (So Sophisticated!)

Aftertaste: See this if you're into dirty jokes. Dirty jokes alone are great. Add half a century of context and you really feel like you're learning about a slice of history instead of just hearing a bunch of guys say the word shit 37 times (no, I didn't could how many times they said shit, but the cunt count is very accurate).
This is my kinda movie.