Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hood of the Living Dead, The (2005) * Worst Hits *

Oh, I get it if you REFERENCE a movie people have heard of on the cover, it doesn't seem as crappy!

Genre: Zombie Horror

Starring: Chris Angelo, Ed Quiroz

Directed By: Ed & Jose Quiroz

Overview: In Oakland, a scientist uses a formula to bring his brother back to life, though the untested serum proves to cause the regenerated to hunger, and his bite is infectious.

Acting: Ok Jesus, fine. Impulse buy, knowing that it was terrible. Some of the worst acting you'll ever see in your life. For a grown man to whimper like a girl consistently and throughout the thing, as if. You'd think there would be a character arc here and there but no. The whole crowd of these guys make bad movies and can't act. When you and your friends got together and made that movie that one time? Riiight. Now you get it.
Rating: 2

Cinematography: The look of the film actually has some decent gore here and there, but it was certainly, without a doubt, an Amateur Zom flick, with one of the lowest budgets you could imagine. I must say however that the guns seemed really realistic and well used.
Rating: 3

Script: The writing is ass. It's like certain characters said, "I want to have a line here! Um... What would I say?" Then they tried something and kept it. It's times like these I'd like to step in and write a scene or two for them. GOD!
Rating: 3

Plot: Fine, it sucked, is that what you wanted to hear? It's like they took a movie, wrapped it in another movie, then added a pinch of 28 Days Later (running zombies) just to add the elite twist to it. At least there's lots of shooting, and you know what? I don't care how it ends, it's funny and the outtakes on the DVD, funny too.
Rating: 3

Mood: Yet another film I must defend. You know what? I'll admit it. It's terrible. I seen worse moods in bigger productions, namely Phantasm. That piece of turd didn't look like it was low-budget. At least these guys have an excuse. You know, it's Oakland, there's gang stuff, and hey, it's zombies, sort of. There's that much at least.
Rating: 4

Dude, that is one nasty case of the clap, seriously go see a doctor, it's clearly not going away on its own.

Overall Rating: 30% (Ghastly, but Not in a Good Way)

Aftertaste: Shut up, it's a zombie movie. So what? I like the shit. Leave me alone.

Seriously, Eff off.