Saturday, October 01, 2005 (2003)

Easiest way to know that a movie sucks... no pictures of it on the internet...

Horror Thriller (Canada)

Starring: Sadie LeBlanc ("Rumours"), Troy Mundle... you know... people you never heard of.

Directed By: Josh Levy

Overview: Inside a Webcam house, we witness the final 45 minutes of the transmission before it's shut down. In that time, we see the murderous rampage of a jealous applicant.

Acting: You know the movie is really really low budge, not only when you can't find any info about it on IMDB, but when you look for screenshots and find absolutely nothing. Sadly, I had to scour the internet for the images that have at least SOMETHING to do with the film, namely these sad actors. You know to give them credit, most of them did really well for a little film like this, and maybe the director even did a decent job. I'll give it a better than bad, specially Daryn (above) and the killer dude.
Rating: 6

Cinematography: The effects were low budget. This however is the point. The idea is that we're seeing the images of a webcam in which the shot that it being shown is randomly chosen through sensor movement, therefore where there's movement, there's something worthy of shooting. All this to say that they made it look exactly like that was going on. All those hidden crazy webcam angles, they got 'em, the touch of grainy fish-eye like lenses, they got 'em, and most importantly, the editing. Without the editing simulating the Webcam look, this movie would have suffered. I know it's low budge and you may really hate the actual movie, but this category was actually genius. Throw in the night vision, good stuff.
Rating: 9

Script: The writing wasn't total piss. There's at least some decent motivation in the characters and we get to learn just enough about them before they "get it". From the wasted stoner, to the lonely gay guy to the playah, all these people have real honest short term goals that they're talking about, and it's pretty honest stuff. For that, you get kudos.
Rating: 7

Plot: The endings being what it was, it's unfortunate that it ended so abruptly, yet the plug was literally pulled, so I see the realism that they were trying to pull off. Still, it's a totally crappy last 10 minutes and the whole helpless woman watching thing, I don't care what day and age this is, I don't buy it. You lose points for making the women weak. Will someone please make a low budget horror film where the woman goes and has a knife fight with the guy. Make her lose fine, but at least cut the guy up some instead of friggin SCREAMING her head off and not running, even though she's safe and OUT OF THE HOUSE, CHRIST.
Rating: 4

Mood: Low-budget and touch of fromage makes suffer this category. Still it's not bad and you honestly do feel like you're watching a bad (if not overly dramatic - but isn't that the point?) reality webcast. If you're going to go look at something like this see Series 7: The Contenders. It's awesome, it's basically a real "Survivor", where the contestants kill or be killed.
Rating: 6

Let your back bone slide.. right down the toilet... like my career...

Overall Rating: 64% (I guess I'll Watch, If There's Nothing Else On)

Aftertaste: An obscure little film to say the least. The Internet has very little info and people don't seem to like it. I know why, yes, but I actually liked the film. Never the kind you'd ever recommend out loud, but among friends you may admit to having enjoyed most of it and the premise and all that, though yes, very much not repertoire.