Monday, October 31, 2005

Kalifornia (1993)

"Seriously Brad, that looks like it really hurts..."

Crime Adventure
Drama Thriller

Starring: David Duchovny ("Red Shoe Diaries"; "The X-Files"), Brad Pitt (Mr. & Mrs. Smith; Babel)

Directed By: Dominic Sena (Swordfish; Gone In Sixty Seconds)

Overview: A writer goes on a road trip to California to do research on his book about serial killers. Car pooling with a couple of strangers, he finds himself far too close to the subject he's writing about.

Acting: The role that Brad Pitt plays is truly memorable. The perfect psycho redneck, he isn't stupid, just ignorant. Rather he seems strangely smart in the right places. Good direction in this one I say too. Juliette Lewis, unfortunately is never my favorite, but she picks appropriate roles. In this one she's a waste of space, baseless tit with no brain or spine. Duchovny and his counterpart do a good job of being big city fops, but there was a little something I couldn't shake about his delivery. Still, it's great overall.
Rating: 8

Cinematography: The images of the roadtrip, the locations and their run-down, almost post apocalyptic look of it. Especially in the end when they're in the nuclear test range, that stuff is gold. They do the mood of redneck perfectly, and the location scouts really did an amazing job. I was truly impressed.
Rating: 8

Script: "Look at him! Look at his face! He's not your father!"
"I know he ain't my father, ya idjit. This one's a cop and this here's a mercy killin'!"

The story is really well delivered, especially the Early and his girlfriend's lines. The characterization is perfect in the script even though the casting may not have been just right for everyone in the film. In my opinion this is so well written, that's what keeps me coming back for more, even with the narration. Awesome stuff.
Rating: 9

Plot: The story is great. Psycho goes on a road trip with a guy writing a story about psychos. Along the way there's a nice progression of mystery and character development as the climax approaches it's dramatic and exciting end, I say. Real fun and intelligent.
Rating: 8

Mood: Great mood too. The wastelands, the rednecky trailer trash, even little things like the gay dog humping, and the Lucky Lager, the bible and smiley face scene, the little pink camera and the cactus. It's as though every scene was not only meant to forward the plot, but to set the mood of the poor white trash of the worst parts of a dark and murderous America.
Rating: 8

"David, are you still thinking about those balls from that time?"

Overall Rating: 82% (Old Favorite)

Aftertaste: The people I was with watching this were torn between hating Juliette Lewis, who I also hate, and punching holes through the believability of the movie. Fine. I agree when you stab someone repeatedly, while having your knees on the floor, sure you're going to get a little dirty but all that aside its still a contender for the movie I've rented the most times (6 or so) before buying it. And just FYI the other movie is Last Night. I love this movie and always will regardless of the issues others may have with it. You know Brad Pitt was People magazine's sexiest man of the year after this one? Yeah, irony.