Wednesday, November 30, 2005

First Blood (1982) * Americana Classic*

Verdant mountains and funky boobie-traps, all shot in B.C.

Action Drama Thriller

Starring: Sylvester Stallone (Deathrace 2000; Rocky Balboa), Richard Crenna (Leviathan; Rambo: First Blood Part II)

Directed By: Ted Kotcheff (Weekend at Bernie's; The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz)

Overview: When a Vietnam vet drifts through town looking for something to eat, the law offers him a ride out, reminding him that his kind isn't appreciated. Rambo, in defiance, gets arrested. Rambo doesn't like being pushed around.

Acting: You may recognize the caliber of direction from such other productions as "Red Shoe Diaries". Yeah. Sadly the direction was a touch toilet, but the actors were really well chosen and they do pretty good. David Caruso got his start here too. Seriously the actors do a really great job, honest.
Rating: 8

Cinematography: All shot in beautiful British Columbia, if the explosions doesn't get your goat, then the wilderness will. Can't say that the city scenes are all that interesting, but the ambushes and the outdoors are actually quite stunning. Nothing special besides that.
Rating: 7

Script: "In town, you're the law, but out here... It's ME!"

I was very impressed with the dialogue in this. From sardonic to comic, you can tell this was based off a novel. I cannot believe how moving that last scene monologue is. It's heavy, I tell you boy, genuinely. The classic parts come in when the American bravery comes out. It's quite amusing to watch and remember when this was written. So many things don't change...

Rating: 8

Plot: Anyways, torn between cheese and genius, I realized that it's 80s action. Remember "A-Team" and "MacGuyver"? Well this is actually pretty realistic in comparison. You might think this is the classic Rambo going to 'Nam and messing up crap and blowin up natives left and right, but no. That was First Blood: Part II. In this one it's just one guy versus the Pigs trying to get him, and he's not going down easy. Nice and simple, quick and easy.
Rating: 8

Mood: The overall mood is underdog with a big stick. Forget for a moment that it's Stallone and think about a guy coming through town after service to his country and getting shit on. That's mean and makes me cry. There's no flag-waving sentiment, honestly. It's actually quite the opposite. The survivalist stuff is pretty neat too, good on ya, but they should have been less proud people.
Rating: 8

You don't mess with this guy, it seriously just isn't done.

Overall Rating: 78% (Come on! It's RAMBO! Hello!)

Aftertaste: When I rented it I laughed and laughed, thinking how classic this was, how awesome and flag wavy this was going to be. Turns out it's quite the opposite. This movie tells a sad statement on how America treated it's 'Nam vets. Nice touch.