Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cannes Ad Festival 2005, The (2005)

Canned lion is so juicy, it tastes just like fresh-slain!

Genre: Advertising Shorts (International)

Overview: The 2005 selection of the World's funniest and most important commercials of the year.

Acting: Hard to gauge an actor in 30 seconds isn't it? Well I must say that I was quite pleased this year with the caliber of portrayals, especially that mouse-clicking workaholic, and the kid who's playing driving, you know...the one with the beet-red face.
Rating: 8

Cinematography: They had, again, mostly funny stuff. They didn't really focus really hard on the intense special effects and technological advancement side of things, but there were some pretty cool commercials visually. Won't say it was spectacular though.
Rating: 7

Script: The funny stuff was hilarious, the serious stuff was also really well presented. It has to be, they only have 30 seconds, right? Was it super important or brilliant? Umm... Let's say "entertaining".
Rating: 7

Plot: The stories themselves were more versatile. Last year they'd have 4 selections by the same people, then 4 more, then 4 more. It was far more different this year, without focusing on the same gimmick as often. That raises the bar, certainly. Will you like the subject matter? I hate corporations, and was quite pleased that there were less Nike and Coca-Cola ads than last year. So yeah.
Rating: 8

Mood: The mood suffered only in that you go from this hilarious commercial to one where there's a dead kid in the street. Yeah, that'll throw you right off. Last year they played the same commercial three times once. They didn't do that this time, improving the flow overall, and the end was as abrupt as ever. No, I don't watch credits, but I like to have some music while I'm getting up, you know? The individual moods of each commercial are great, but maybe they should merge the themes, rather than going alphabetically.
Rating: 6

Dancing cars just proove how good a car is, so buy one!

Overall Rating: 72% (Adverlicious!)

Aftertaste: This was certainly better than last year's, better presented, organized and will very few commercials that weren't at least a little engrossing. I recommend these to anyone. I mean if you don't like one, there's 80 other commercials you'll probably like just fine. Good fun with friends. Usually pretty light fare, you know.