Thursday, January 19, 2006

Patlabor 1 (1990)

Aw, it looks so good with sunbeams though!

Animé Sci-Fi Action Crime Drama Mystery Thriller (Japan)

Starring: Shigeru Chiba (WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3; Memories), William Dufries (New Dominion Tank Police)

Directed By: Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell; Avalon)

Overview: When mechanized Patlabor units go berserk once a new O/S is put in as upgrades, the police investigate a potential conspiracy.

Acting: The standard melodrama of animé, sadly rears it's ugly head just a little too much. I guess it's the way the 90s were. Weak (but tough) women contrasted with go-lucky fly-off-the-handle guys doesn't leave much depth to these characters, but I wouldn't say it was bad, just a little cliché.
Rating: 6

Cinematography: The animation was a little weak as well. Nothing special, no great effects or sights. There were a couple of scenes that used a fish-eye look, which was neat, but the fight scenes weren't spectacular and the quality of the actual film was very poor. I was not impressed.
Rating: 6

Script: Well, overdubbing certainly didn't improve the quality of the dialogue. Sure the story got it's point across, but the characters were immature and they dragged us a little too much through the plot. Obviously this was intended for a younger demographic.
Rating: 6

Plot: The story itself was good. Conspiracies, biblical references, the whole Ark and Babel thing, this is certainly ok, but the climax was too long, the build-up could have been better, a lot of little things just could have been better done.
Rating: 7

Mood: The overall themes and mood were fine. The film wasn't particularly exciting or good. It reminds me more of the whole Star Trek: The Motion Picture dilemma. The first try was not a hit. Passable.
Rating: 7

"Wait wait, could the women be a bit more shrieky and helpless? What's that? yes even though you're cops, right exactly!"

Overall Rating: 64% (Labor Was a Bit of a Chore)

Aftertaste: A week after seeing this, I'm trying to remember it. That's how easily forgettable this is. I recommend Patlabor 3 to anyone, but this to no one.