Thursday, January 19, 2006

Six Feet Under: Season 3 (2003)

They put the Fun in Funeral!

Comedy Drama Series

Starring: Peter Krause (We Don't Live Here Anymore; The Truman Show), Lauren Ambrose

Created By: Alan Ball

Overview: The continuing saga of the life and times of a family in the undertaking business. In this season, Nate and his wife suffer the trials of marriage, David suffers doubt in his relationship, Claire endures Art School, and Ruth trundles on in search of Romance.

Acting: The acting of this series has always been highly dramatic. You have to be careful when there's a lot of emotion flying around , or at least the actors have to restrain themselves from overdoing it. I hated Nate's wife's character, but I can't say that her acting was particularly bad. Great direction, great job. Seriously honest roles. Engrossing.
Rating: 9

Cinematography: The whole 'fade to white' thing still impresses me 3 seasons in. There's the occasional high-art pan and overhead shot or little montage, and that really does it for the scrutinizer in me. Sure it's mainstream (its finest but still mainstream), and to have the little moments of extra care taken from time to time is a nice touch.
Rating: 8

Script: I don't think you'll find a show with better writing very easily. Some shows (sorry "24") often repeat the same thing over and over, as though the audience is blunt or something, but not this one. It's also really easy to follow too, and the whole show is really just about characterization and growth. Everything about it is life lesson, life lesson, life lesson. That HAS to be well written, and it is. Amazing.
Rating: 10

Plot: The story, admittedly took a few episodes to pick up this year. There were ten this season and I really got into it by the third or fourth, so it was a touch slower than before, but this still moves forward really well. The Claire and Nate stories are by far what you'll be following the closest, but by the end, everything is just so damn good.
Rating: 8

Mood: The mood captivates as it always has, but they really spend very little focus on the business. Sure, there's a new apprentice, but I remember Season One as really trying hard to help the people who come into the Home with their funeral needs. They didn't do that anywhere near as much and I was a little disappointed. The drama and the honest emotion and the whole father's ghost thing, that's all still terrific.
Rating: 8

Mom it's the cycle of life, you dookie biggest when you die, so the pantload you just had is really nothing to worry about.

Overall Rating: 86% (A Professional Undertaking)

Aftertaste: The third season is certainly worth watching. I keep telling people how with this show it took me literally 2 minutes to get into it, from episode 1. I may be setting high expectations for you people who haven't seen any of them, but this definitely has some pretty good staying power. HBO kicks ass.