Friday, February 17, 2006

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 5 (2005)

Uncouth, selfish and proud. Meet Larry David, as himself...
Genre: Comedy Series

Starring: Larry David ("Seinfeld"), Cheryl Hines (RV)

Created By: Larry David

Overview: The ongoing saga of Larry David, creator of "Seinfeld", as himself in the hilarious comedy about being an uptight no-etiquette Jew living in Los Angeles.

Acting: There's other celebrities constantly interacting with our hero. Ted Danson and Richard Lewis are regulars on the show, playing themselves, but people like Super Dave Osborne and Rob Cordry ("The Daily Show") play neighbors and the like. Obviously this show has a crazy budget (such prooves as Dustin Hoffman in the Season Finale). Big names, big talent, great direction.
Rating: 9

Cinematography: Alright, the sets aren't that elaborate but the show is bright and professional with different camera mediums and a big budget, so that's nice. Some jokes wouldn't normally be as good if the framing or camera work was static, so there's a real effort in incorporating the visual element in the humour. That gets points.
Rating: 8

Script: Can I say genius? Can I go so far? I'm torn. This show cracks me up so perfectly, in that way that "Seinfeld" didn't come anywhere close to doing. Each show, three things will happen that will come back and either bite Larry on the ass or cause hilarity to ensue. The comedy is one thing, but the wit of the humour is great. The whole show is him making fun of himself and pulling it off just right. Amazing.
Rating: 9

Plot: The fact that every episode in this season relates back just a little to an episode before is a nice touch. The constant ongoing stories are Richard Lewis' kidney donor search and Larry's investigation into whether or not he's adopted. The season is stand alone (I've only watched Season 1 besides) and easy to follow, with a nice little Finale. Very entertaining stories. So witty!
Rating: 9

Mood: The mood is comic etiquette flubs and Larry's selfishness show after exaggerated show. Sure, it can be over the top sometimes, even for itself, but you know, the fact that they make fun of the Hollywood actor's everyday lives and their quirks with a selfish Jewish perspective is "Pretty Good! Preeeety, preeeety gooood!"
Rating: 8

"Yeah, but who are we to judge what they're wearing?"

Overall Rating: 86% (Curb How Good This Is? An Exercise In Futility!)

Aftertaste: Admittedly I have a couple friends who don't see the humour, and Season 5 is the best I've seen so far, it's just so full of accusations and talk about inappropriate things in the context: Telling a handicapped person to wait for his toilet stall or telling a woman that the problem is not her mate's small penis but her 'huge vagina'. This show goes places that only HBO Pay TV would dare, and for that, everyone should give this Season a chance.