Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)

Ok, ok. I didn't mean that the last one was the rebirth, this is the actual rebirth. Ignore that last one... Ok?

Slasher Horror Serial

Starring: Thom Mathews (The Return of the Living Dead; Return of the Living Dead Part II), Jennifer Cooke ("V")

Directed By: Tom McLoughlin (Sometimes They Come Back)

Overview: Tommy, the man who killed Jason Voorhees, seeking a little self-psychiatric healing, decides to dig up Jason to prove to himself that it's really over. Making one final stab at him with a metal pole, it doubles as a lighting rod, bringing Jason back to life, and tougher than ever!

Acting: Umm... Better than usual I guess. Yes, it's 80s slasher so it's bound to be bad, but there's some decent reactions, and a few more recognizable faces. This director was also the writer, so I guess he has a tighter reign on his vision. Good for you!
Rating: 5

Cinematography: I don't know why they stopped showing things dying. I want to see killing: up-close, face-contorting, painful, slow death. Yeah, it's sick but that's what this is supposed to be. At this stage I think they've ensured that they know how to hire a guy who can use a camera. Good work!
Rating: 5

Script: Child one: "We're dead meat." Child two: "What WERE you going to be when you grew up?"

You know what sucked most about this movie? The guy who shoves a lightning rod in Jason says later, "the only way to end this now is to put him back in the lake where this all started." I thought Friday The 13th Part 2 cleared up that whole thing?! What bull. Besides that issue, the characters said some pretty messed up stuff, which I found mildly entertaining.
Rating: 5

Plot: If you're going to have kids in the movie, kill them. Kill them or leave them out of it! I don't like knowing that you're going to reinforce your paradigm of sparing the innocent little children, while still hinting that you're threatening them. Have Jason pick one up and rip his arms out, then let him run around like that. That, my friend, is cinema! Oh and continuity? hahaha, right. When your sheriff's daughter takes your gun and stick it in your face, telling you to open a cell, wouldn't you think she'd be bluffing? Stupid deputy. Admittedly Jason is indeed tougher.
Rating: 4

Mood: The sad thing is that this was going to be the one that made up for the last one. This movie was going to change things, start fresh, bring Jason back with a vengeance. Einh, not so much. Not that scary either. I wish they'd be more serious, like in the first four.
Rating: 4

You know you're screwed when you see the unmasked Jason at the beginning...

Overall Rating: 46% (Wow, He Lives... Everybody Wang Chung Tonight... Woo...)

Aftertaste: This series is starting to disappoint me. Where's the Kevin Bacon gore that I liked so much?! And watching things like Scream and Valentine, I thought they were being cheap. Turns out they were following a legacy of cheap. Man, the slasher flick is really not big on actually showing people DIE is it?

The characters of this movie made 2 attempts at finally pacifying or killing the assailant.