Sunday, April 02, 2006

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Season 4 (2003)

OK, ok, there's SOME good pigs out there.

Genre: Crime Drama Mystery Thriller Series

Starring: William L. Petersen (To Live and Die In L.A.; Manhunter), Marg Helgenberger (Bad Boys; China Beach)

Created By: Anthony E. Zuiker

Overview: The Fourth Season of CSI continues as always with Grisom and his crew scouring Vegas for bad guys and villains, letting the evidence to speak for the victim.

Acting: Does judging the acting of a television series by way of comparing it to film acting do it justice? I guess not. I'll admit I lower my standard a bit, however we have some real actors in this one, I mean come on Manhunter! Again the caliber of direction and role portrayal is top quality, just like it was in Season 3.
Rating: 9

Cinematography: The best thing about this show is the settings, like neon wastelands and amusement parks, and the special effect zoom ins and 'mind's eye' effects. For TV, this show goes the extra mile and really delivers high-tech to the layman in a really great way.
Rating: 9

Script: "I guess he came before he went." - Warrick after finding a condom next to the victim.

Someone commented last time that this show was full of punny little remarks like this one, and it's true, "CSI" does usually open up with a groaner, but at this point it's like they go out of their way to do it. Now I find it's gotten to be endearing.
Rating: 8

Plot: As for the stories, they've gotten a bit into the realm of the elaborate. Granted, Season 4 isn't all simple two-crime tales anymore, there were a few episodes that focused entirely on one crime, which mixes it up nicely, but I recall two shows that had mutants in it. We're talking exceptionally special genetic make-up, but nothing Joseph Merrick or anything cool like that. Either way, still a fan.
Rating: 8

Mood: I find that this show does things and goes in directions that make little logical sense, for the sake of continuity. Four seasons in, I could refer back to shows from other seasons and tell them, "Why didn't you do it THIS way, then you'd have the answer?!" Well the answer to that is always 'suspense'. It's ok to go into the realm of the fantastical once in a while, just don't expect to get kudos for it.
Rating: 7

How she doesn't notice him looking up her skirt I have no idea.

Overall Rating: 82% (Well Well, Same Score as Season 3)

Aftertaste: The formula is solid, the TV show is a big money-maker (see you can say these things by guessing when there's 2 spin-offs. Yeah, brilliant. I know), and I'll keep watching. I go on and on how I hate television, but it's not the shows I hate necessarily, it's the fact that I have to go out of my way and be somewhere on a particular date and time. I'd rather rent a season any day.