Tuesday, April 18, 2006

TV Carnage: A Sore For Sighted Eyes (2003)

The Gross Domestic Product will rise at a rate of 3%. See the power of Richard Simmons? Even THAT'S funny with his photo attached!

Genre: Comedy Documentary

Starring: Mr T., Alan Thicke, Jerry Orbach, Richard Simmons

Directed By: "Big Pinky" (TV Carnage: When Television Attacks; TV Carnage: Casual Fridays)

Overview: This is a hilarious look into the dark 80s and 90s, a montage of various commercials, hairdos, television and film clichés, all with the creator's running commentary (which is optional, but not to be missed).

Acting: I recall thinking that the acting in this was cooler than in the first one. There was more nostalgia in seeing The Fonz talk about people touching you in your private areas. I wouldn't say that the acting was as bad as the original, which is half the reason you wanted to see this.
Rating: 8

Cinematography: The thing about technology, is that it gets better, so in a way it's too bad that there more 90s footage, because it's less about really crappy special effects that we thought were cool, only because we hadn't seen it before. Is it wrong that I'm comparing this sequel to the original? No, my friend, it's important that we keep the bar elevated!
Rating: 8

Script: Pinky is almost just as funny as ever he was, but I'll add that he wasn't anywhere as memorable. The out-loud laughs we not as numerous... it's like he knows it's the third installment on a lucrative serial and though he may try, he might have gone a touch stale, in comparison.
Rating: 7

Plot: The issue I had with this one is the same as I had with the other one: there was no overall theme besides the non-sequitur of the channel-flipping. I know compiling some hundred hours of footage is hard work, but if there had been a study of a cliché like with the last one, it would have been much more enjoyable for me.
Rating: 6

Mood: Look, if you don't remember the 80s, fret not, there's a lot of 90s stuff in this version. But if you are of the generation who squints when they hear that people born in 1988 can now get into bars, then you'll find this to be quite a good time, but make sure you watch it with friends.
Rating: 8

Pff! It's just too easy. I'm not even going to try.

Overall Rating: 74% (Not Really A Bore, But It Won't Make Your Sides Sore)

Aftertaste: Frankly, this is not as good as the first one we rented. Amusing and entertaining for sure, but I, who watch a lot of stuff, will tell you that there's better ways to spend your time. I'm still committed to watching TV Carnage: Casual Fridays, and maybe even the pirate series he made. It's a lot of footage, and it's the best way to live the 80s: laughing at it.