Saturday, May 20, 2006

Girl Shy (1924)

Oh my God look at that HARLOT, she's... she's got BARE ARMS!

Genre: Silent Action Comedy Family Romance

Starring: Harold Lloyd (The Kid Brother; Slapstick Symposium), Mildred Davis

Directed By: Fred C. Newmeyer (Safety Last!), Sam Taylor (The Cat's Paw)

Overview: This is the story of a stuttering author, a man terrified of womankind, yet who seeks to have his book "The Secret of Making Love" published. After trials and tribulations, he find that he must stop the marriage of the woman he loves to another man, and goes on a hair-raising ride to get to her in time.

Acting: Classic Lloyd at his finest. This is a stunty dude, and nothing shows his skill in as diverse a bunch of settings as this one does. All the ladies in this are cute and funny too. It's really weird watching this little guy play "The Caveman", throwing a girl around to make him love her.
Rating: 9

Cinematography: You know when a 1920 film is super crisp, that it's probably a really good film, because it's all been remastered and kept safe for a long time, knowing that it would stand the test of time. This is one hell of a fun film and the stunts are so dangerous and versatile that you can't help but be impressed.
Rating: 8

Script: It's a nice touch having part of the script be rolled out of the typewriter. Besides that, the story is well told when it has to be, but like I've said before many times, Silent film is best when words are at a minimum and action is at a maximum.
Rating: 8

Plot: Here we are, watching a nice little romantic comedy about a stuttering shy guy, funny little moments like the dramtization of the chapters of his book, on how to get women, then all of a sudden we have 20 minutes of all out road stunt madness. Lloyd manages to steal three cars, a trolley, a horse-cart, a truck, and a motorcycle all in hopes to getting to the chapel on time. It's mindblowing how cool and exciting it is.
Rating: 8

Mood: Alright so you think you know your Lloyd, well this will turn you on your ear. There's comedy, romance, stunts galore, some nice hunks of drama, and all in just over an hour. Completely immersive, doesn't skip a beat, all fun all the time, and always with the kicking cops in the ass, or hitting 'em in the head, you know whatever the case may be.
Rating: 9

You might think he's a chicken but he stole that bike from a cop

Overall Rating: 84% (Come Out Of Your Shell And Check This Out)

Aftertaste: This is my favorite Harold Lloyd film so far, and it's going to be hard to top. I mean the road stunts and all the different vehicles he uses is one of the most original chase scenes I've ever witnessed, including the famous scene from Steve McQueen's 1968 classic, Bullit.

Balls. Huge, brass, clangy balls on this Lloyd guy, holy.