Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Six Feet Under: Season 4 (2004)

Nate may seem like a hard man, but he cries... a LOT

Genre: Drama Comedy Series

Starring: Peter Krause (We Don't Live Here Anymore; The Truman Show), Michael C. Hall (Paycheck)

Created By: Alan Ball

Overview: The continuing saga of the life and times of a family in the undertaking business. In this season, Nate deals with his recent crisis, David and Keith do better regardless of all their horrible luck, and Rico faces marriage troubles.

Acting: Consistently the acting is as good as it ever was, but after all these years, I've come to expect greatness from HBO, makers of such little known series as Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Sopranos. Better still, all my least favorite characters are either gone or have more minimal roles. I like that.
Rating: 9

Cinematography: There's far more 'imagination takes' than there was in last year's season. By that I mean scenes where you see something going on, but it's only what someone's thinking, like David finding a Chinese baby girl in his pantry, a moment of wishful thinking. As always, the opening scene as someone's death and fading to white instead of the typical black, much enjoyed.
Rating: 8

Script: The life lessons taught in this one seem even more plentiful than in last season. Ruth, Rico, Nate and David all face genuine trials that we can all learn the easy way if we care to listen. The speeches may not be as earth-shattering as last season but they are still some of the best you'll find out there.
Rating: 9

Plot: For as much as this show will certainly keep your interest, Clair's character development is nowhere near as fun to watch this time around. Instead, you'll find that David and Keith's roller-coater ride of a life are far more interesting that watching some drug-addled artists take pictures and make out with friends. Finally, after all this time, George becomes more than a tertiary character.
Rating: 8

Mood: Again, the business end of things was pretty much left by the wayside in favour of character development, however there are far more daring episodes this season than any that have come before. Mysteries revealed, horrors lived and resolved for some while troubles just begin for others, this year doesn't end abruptly or with too many cliffhangers. It flows smoothly, though I miss the moments where the characters spoke to the dead, there's far less of that now.
Rating: 8

You'd have to be high to think that this message is original and poignant... and they were

Overall Rating: 84% (I Still Dig It)

Aftertaste: Still loving the show and looking forward to jumping right into the next and last season with my baby, who got the whole 5-season boxed set as a gift. What HBO wonder will take it's place when I'm done? "Big Love", about a Mormon and his three wives? Doesn't interest me. "Deadwood" Season three? I didn't even know it made it through the second. "Entourage"? Hmm, don't think so. I guess HBO will sit on the backburner for a while, in lieu of "24", "The Shield", and the original 1959 "Twilight Zone".

Good times.