Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Huff: Season 2 (2006)

Er, yeah, everyone gets naked in this... yep! Now will you watch it?

Genre: Comedy Drama Series

Starring: Hank Azaria (Mystery Men; "The Simpsons"), Oliver Platt (Pieces of April; Kinsey)

Created By: Robert Lowry

Overview: In Season 2, Russel deals with impending fatherhood, Hank and Beth are on the rocks, and schizophrenic Teddy starts independent living.

Acting: As the season progressed, I found that the person who played Byrd, although exuding tons of teen angst, was still off his directorial reins with his particular class of melodrama. Even if children are like this, I don't like seeing it on TV. This is the only reason this show doesn't get full points. Oliver Platt on the other hand, shows us the deeper side of himself that we had hoped to see for a while now, and with lovely guest characters played by Sharon Stone and Anjelica Huston, we get a nice fat cherry on top.
Rating: 9

Cinematography: Again this show goes into realms of lens effects and cinematographic editing that gets noticed. I was a little disappointed there for a while because a few of episodes didn't go 'high-art' like I knew they could, but colour composition and set design always seems to be a huge part of this show, and that's certainly a bonus.
Rating: 8

Script: Every character in this show is written perfectly (except Byrd). Hank's mother Izzy has some of the best burns in the whole show, madness has never been more clearly explained than in the rants from Teddy's mind and marital troubles have never been so boldly described as when Hank and Beth fight. Words are what make this show great, and great they are.
Rating: 10

Plot: This year we focus on a Teddy who is far less 'drooling mad' and actually develops his own character, lives in his own place and becomes one of the best defined people of this season. Byrd on the other hand seems more like a time-filling plug, completely directionless and quite frankly, lame. Just as last season however, we find a Russel (Platt) who has ups and downs, victories and losses so engrossing that he is by far everyone's favorite.
Rating: 8

Mood: Let me put it in a way that you'll be left without any doubts. I had four episodes left to watch last night. We watched them all in a row. This show is immersive, the suspense is great, the stories are rich, the look is sleek, and with exciting moments like drug raids and crack houses, slowly seeping madness and psychological awakenings on Ecstasy, you'll most likely be as engrossed as the rest of us.
Rating: 8

Dude, seriously? Marriage troubles? Uh, work em out buddy, like come ON!

Overall Rating: 86% (Blow my House Down!)

Aftertaste: The friend I watched this with started this season saying "This is the best show of Television!" He ended the season saying, "Say what you will about the greatness of Six Feet Under, but this just goes that one step further, it's the best show of television!" As dramatic series go, I think I'll agree. You should really give it a chance, and if you haven't Season 1 just came out on DVD, just thought you'd like to know...