Monday, June 26, 2006

Wonder Showzen: Season 2 (2005)

*singing* "Kids Show! Kids Show! Oh, Good Lord, it's a Kids Shooow!"

Genre: Animation and Comedy Series

Starring: A score of children who probably aren't even allowed to watch this show that they make.

Created By: Vernon Chatman, John Lee

Overview: Geared to look like a late 70s children's show complete with puppets and cartoons, this cynical, racist, blasphemous and scathing commentary on society and its ills is certainly NOT for kids.

Acting: The fact that comic David Cross of Arrested Development is in this helps makes this category awesome. I was just about to say 'how odd this show manages to get all these big name stars', but this is right up David Cross' alley. In fact, I bet he wrote the whole redneck sitcom episode he was in. The kids are all still great and so cute in their little evil roles!
Rating: 8

Cinematography: I can't say I loved having just one segment for 2 of this year's episodes after knowing to expect a variety of different ones. My favorite things, the little cartoons and the short 'letter to Santa / Grandma / Jesus' not to mention the 'video tours' being less plentiful than in last season was not my favorite, but I still can't help love it for what it is, a hilarious kids show filled with mayhem, gore and copious amounts of blood.
Rating: 7

Script: The 'Beat Kids' segment is consistently great television, the tours are my favorite in terms of canned wit and judgment. This season, perhaps more than last, there's more jokes that are so far overboard, it comes back full circle and ends up being so sick you just have to laugh to stop from crying. Uh, by that I mean I like it. I'm jaded, shut up.
Rating: 8

Plot: It's quite possible that this show has run out of stock footage for their 'video tour' segment. There was only a couple this season (but a day in the life of the policeman was one of the best things yet). It's also unfortunate that the last two episodes had no versatility. One was a complete episode of this redneck sitcom, nothing like the format we're accustomed to regardless of the genius of David Cross, and the other was all Clarence asking people on the street about why television sucks. It got old, I missed the less-lazilly made "Showzen" from last Season just a little too much.
Rating: 7

Mood: The way I see it, if it offends you, it's because you have a problem with what they're saying. Christians, rednecks and all other types of bigots will either miss the point completely, or they would specifically condemn the Showzen-loving viewer. This is the most offensive show I've ever seen... and loved. Without understanding that everything said is a comment on society and its ills, this show would have failed. Seems that people are getting pretty smart, since this is getting intensely popular. We need more television like this.
Rating: 9

See it's not because it's a dog that makes it creepy, it's that he rips babies out of their mothers...

Overall Rating: 78% (Er, The Second Mozten Showzen Ever)

Aftertaste: The biggest problem I have with this show in general is the fact that there are only 8 episodes per season. That's so short to the point of being strange, given that most series are at LEAST 12. I recommend this show to anyone who wants scathing commentary, constant subtext and the shattering of nice happy blankets of one's content stereotypes. Awareness and understanding have genuine champions in this show. I want a Beat Kids shirt for my birthday!