Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Feast (2005)

I actually don't remember who screamed better...

Genre: Horror Comedy Thriller

Starring: Balthazar Getty (Shadow Hours; Lost Highway), Duane Whitaker (The Devil's Rejects; Pulp Fiction)

Directed By: John Gulager's Directorial Debut

Overview: On a regular night at a regular dive of a bar, regular folks end up dealing with some most irregular monsters hungry for their flesh.

Acting: Henry Rollins as a motivational speaker is cute. No, he's not a good actor, but at least not taking himself seriously. That's the order of the day in this one. We have all these archetypal characters, like the old drunk woman, the young upstart, the hardened bartender, the bearded trucker and of course the ditsy big-breasted blonde. It's cute. In fact, so cute it works.

Rating: 8

Cinematography: Fish-eye lenses, rapid-paced editing and fast too-close shots making it hard to understand what's trying to come through the door make for an exciting thrill ride and pays homage to Sam Raimi's style used in the Evil Dead Series. Pretty fun and gory too!
Rating: 8

Script: The writing isn't all that memorable but at least it's not stupid (a tragic flaw of the action-horror comedy), with Slither as the exception proving the rule. There are however some lines that are pure gold, like the conversation the young upstart Getty has with the old drunk lady, asking her what's going on, insisting that she must know something, because she's old, and old people know about these sorts of things, you know legends and such. Hilarious.
Rating: 7

Plot: Here we have a story of some lazy Middle-America small town hicks dealing with a mix of Night of The Living Dead and Alien all at the same time. Aliens (it would seem) are trying to get in cause they're hungry. The bar patrons and staff are trying to make it through the night, barricade the three floors, and try not to get raped before they get eaten...yeah you heard me.
Rating: 8

Mood: Any film that introduces an alien monster by having it barge in and face-fuck a caribou head, shit that's special. Any film that follows up with monster on monster sex, then graphic birth, then even more graphic monster rape, my God I thought I was in Hentai heaven. It's crazy. Just crazy. Funny kitchy crazy.
Rating: 8

If you think that's a filthy facial, you'd better reconsider watching this, HOO SISTER.

Overall Rating: 78% (I'll Take Seconds!)

Aftertaste: Yeah, it's treacherous to pop in a movie when you're having a Halloween party. Is it going to fly? Should it just be background? Should such a party film have a silly Sam Raimi taste to it, or should it be far more classically serious?

Vote silly. People who aren't sitting comfortably do better with laughs that let them move around a little.