Monday, January 22, 2007

Robocop 2 (1990) * Favorite Review *

I don't know who's more excited about those pecs, the lady or that blonde dude. Giddy up!

Genre: Action Crime Sci-Fi Thriller Comedy

Starring: Peter Weller (Shadow Hours; Naked Lunch), Tom Noonan (Mercy Seed; Manhunter)

Directed By: Irvin Kershner (Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back; Never Say Never Again)

Overview: OPC Cybernetic Technologies has been working on making more cyborg cops with tragic consequences. When a corporate executive tries a new approach using criminal minds, Robocop finds himself the target of a nemesis' rage.

Acting: If it's one thing I've realized after two years of writing reviews, it's that the preconception of a film will often guide many people to conclusions enough that they need be addressed by the critic before the critic can be taken seriously. Robocop 2 is such a film that deserves more consideration in defence than in actual evaluation, and knowing that this director's high points include Star Wars and James Bond, well, that's enough to hold up for itself. Some of you may say that Peter Weller isn't the best actor out there, but at least he was the original Robocop, and he did a great job in Naked Lunch. As for Tom Noonan, it was nice seeing a little known actor that I've really grown to like in such a prominent role, even if it wasn't the career builder it should have been for him. Screw you guys, this was great, especially considering the year it was made.
Rating: 7

Cinematography: The best thing about this movie would be the budget. Admittedly these types of action flicks full of guns and goons will invariably have said goons using said guns on bullet-proof behemoths, and yes you might even say that seven shootout scenes might even be too much. What you can't say is that stop-motion animation isn't cool. Yes, they used it in the original Robocop, and they keep it up in the sequel. Sweet memories of the days of Sinbad fighting skeletons and sea monsters! It's not low-tech, it's retro-cool, and hey there's even these P.O.V. shots where you see green targeting screens and directives scrolling by. What else do you WANT?!
Rating: 7

Script: "Jesus... had days like this."

This screenplay was written by Frank Miller. This screenplay was written by Frank Miller. I wrote that twice because I also found it hard to believe. Yeah, the guy who wrote and co-directed Sin City. In fact, his original plot for Robocop 2 was made into a 9-issue comic series. And you know what else? I'm going to read it, just to spite you hater bitches. This movie's script has a lot of plain old obvious dialogue, but there's some pretty awesome tongue-in-cheek wit that keeps this movie OUT of the cheese category - keeps this movie OUT of the cheese category.
Rating: 7

Plot: "DIRECTIVE 245: If you haven't got anything nice to say don't talk."

Rating: 6

Mood: Screw you guys, this was a great time. What makes this movie this much fun is the social commentary as expressed through the commercials, think Starship Troopers. The first has a business man who changed data companies to save money. Due to slow service, he lost the account, and proceeds to kill himself as the camera zooms in on a picture of his daughter. The second add shows how 'since the ozone layer is gone' SPF 5000 is the way to go, and shows a model covering herself in a thick blue goo as she sits relaxing by the pool. Little comedic moments like all the failed attempts at newer model Robocops prove that this film doesn't take itself anywhere near seriously, and the comedy abounds.
Rating: 8

Now that's the way to take care of a union scab!

Overall Rating: 70% (Cop A Feel)

Aftertaste: After all that I hope you either realized 1.) How fun a movie this is to watch with a bunch of friends, and 2.) How convincing a writer I am.
One more thing: Front Line Assembly, one of the most influential Industrial bands out there, have a song that liberally samples from this, and that adds to the goodness.
No, shut up. I don't care what you think, it's not a bad movie.
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