Saturday, January 27, 2007

TerrorStorm: A History of Government-Sponsored Terrorism (2006)

Oh my God! They're targeting the Turnpike on I-35! MOTHER OF GOD, THAT'S RIGHT NEXT TO EMPORIA, KANSAS!!!!

Genre: Documentary

Starring: Alex Jones

Directed By: Alex Jones

Overview: A historical introduction into government-sponsored terrorism through false flag operations invites us to consider the unthinkable: 9/11 was masterminded by its own government.

Acting: The way this narrator/director speaks is one third 'unfunny, immaturely sarcastic, anger-management-needing bitter humour', one third 'assumption of the audience's utter moronic stupidity', and one third 'crazy ranting conspiracist madman'. I don't like this guy. He often alienates those he interviews by belittling them, he not only narrates the 4th amendment while we see the words onscreen, but then he repeats them with his point bold and highlighted in red, while reading them slowly and loudly like you would to a 'special child'. Besides that, everything he says makes me doubt the facts he's spouting. Nothing I like better than watching a documentary and taking notes just to see if they're lying to me.
Rating: 4

Cinematography: The advent of ease-of-use technology combined with the growing amount of online animation archives has finally culminated into one man being able to make a movie with one finger. Say what you will about how great technology is, when you can whip up two hours of footage from free stuff online, it doesn't make it glitzy, it makes it gaudily distracting, almost like the visual will make up for the rest of the crap. I hate movies shot like music videos. Just because you say the word 'medicine', it doesn't give you free reign to have pictures of bacteria flying all over the screen. God, talk about A.D.D. editing.
Rating: 4

Script: "I agree that we should give up liberty for freedom." - Fruit market clerk at Tube Station after London 07.07.05 bombing.

What more poignant a quote could there be to clearly illustrate the problem? Shocking. The best thing said in this whole film. Of course Alex Jones goes and uses that clip three times, then has a discussion with people about how liberty and freedom are the same thing, then talk about how people aren't 'getting it'. Alex, if you're trying to convince your audience, play the soft sell, they already have your video in their DVD player. That's more than half the battle, stop yelling already. Constant references (and I mean at least eight) to Orwell's 1984 doesn't make you a prophet, it makes you annoying, and comparing George Bush to Hitler is a child's gambit. Try not sounding like such an infantile lunatic. Silence speaks volumes... so shut up.
Rating: 3

Plot: The theory is chilling. Period. If it's true, I'm shocked. The problem is that it's so unbelievably delivered that one is made to doubt not only the big conspiracy from the very beginning, but all the factual lead-in about false flag operations and government moles and whatnot. What I find most interesting about the theory that 'not only did we know about the 9/11 attacks but American Black Ops actually planned it' is that I've heard the scientific arguments before, I've read about thermite put into the concrete pillars, none of this is new to me. What Alex Jones brings to the table is mad-dog ranting serving only to dissuade me from listening. Oh and repetition is the worse time-filler, short is good. An hour and fifty minutes, not so much.
Rating: 4

Mood: What a big effin' joke. Could you be more opinionated, please? When I watch documentaries I like to at least pretend there's another side to the argument. When I first heard Alex Jones in A Waking Life, he was a boisterous, blustering, complacency-hating left-winger who had a nice little speech, and it was inspiring. Here he dominates over the whole production... Hell, he even insinuated himself in every category of my review! Son of a douche! Not the kind of film that drew me in. In fact I kept turning it off when I'd had enough of his gravelly, yelling-too-much voice...
Rating: 4
Hey, wait a minute! Does that mean that Bush is being like HITLER? OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD IT'S ALL SO CLEAR NOW! I hadn't thought of it until their black and white pictures were NEXT TO ONE ANOTHER!

Overall Rating: 38% (TV Snow Shows More Truth)

Aftertaste: Well if anyone knows how to do a better at making someone look like a whacked-out lunatic than a hoarse fat dude with a bullhorn, let me know, because I'm sure the CIA is taking notes. They must love what this guy's doing for National Security.
Recently I decided that some films are not worthy of review. Instead I'd save an hour or two and let the memory be lost to the ages. The only reason I finished watching this is because I promised I'd watch it, and the only reason you're reading about it is because a friend wanted to read my review of it.
Hope you liked it buddy!