Sunday, January 02, 2005

On The Corner (2003)

"What's a native's favorite colours? Blue and Blue Light!"

Genre: Drama (Canada)

Starring: Alex Rice, Simon Baker (The Missing)

Directed By: Nathaniel Geary

Overview: A 16-year-old boy visits his prostitute sister in Vancouver, hoping to get a new start but ends up dragged down into her bleak future.

Acting: The best character portrayal was Cliffy, the junkie living at the end of the hall. His part was the best written, and his role was the one that seemed most believable, otherwise the director should have done a few more takes. This was low-budget and there were some good moments, but in the end this category suffered.
Rating: 4

Cinematography: A still camera is a happy camera. I don't know if the director intended to do that style of urban dramatic filming in which the shots always wiggle a little bit, at all times, but it did NOT work. It made me ill. The cinematography was bland and powerless, shaky and amateurish.
Rating: 2

Script: The dialogue was standard, everyday, but instead of being realistic it ended up seeming undramatic. The plotline kept moving properly, but the scenes themselves were lacking. Nothing stood out, save for Cliffy.
Rating: 4

Plot: The best story is the love triangle, very realistic in its characterization. I expected a predictable tale throughout with an appropriately lame ending, and was pleased to discover something poignant and strong, even daring to compare to the ending style of Requiem for a Dream. Otherwise it would have fizzled.
Rating: 6

Mood: I know the cigarette is a staple of the lower class, but so is food and beer and they weren't in every single scene. I don't know if it was intended, but it was omnipresent, openly distracting, as though the writer felt is was as important as any character. Wrong. As for the score, it was horrible, if you can even call a low-budge backbeat a score. It would have been better left out completely. The odd scene had the odd moment perfectly illustrating the futility of the 'whore's life', but in the end, the overall theme was ruined by the peripheral white noise of the unprofessional.
Rating: 3

What does a native say after sex? Get off me dad you're crushin' my smokes!

Overall Rating: 38% (you'd Have To Pay Me To See This Again)

Aftertaste: I believe this is Nathaniel Geary's first attempt at a full length film. A valiant attempt, but one needing more work and more assertive direction. A nice look at the underside of Vancouver, but this will tumble to the cellar of the forgotten, fading in an instant.