Friday, January 07, 2005

The Station Agent (2002)

"Uh, I may not be a train expert but is that how you're supposed to stop one?"

Genre: Drama / Comedy

Starring: Peter Dinklage (Elf; "Nip/Tuck") Bobby Cannavale (Do The Right Thing; Escape From Alcatraz)

Directed By: Thomas McCarthy (The Visitor)

Overview: A dwarf inherits an old train depot and makes some interesting friends, regardless of his reluctance.

Acting: Angry little midget! The script for this movie and the intended mood allows for an overzealous portrayal by every character, yet none of the actors ham it up. They're all just perfectly quirky.
Rating: 8

Cinematography: This is shot really well. Old rustic scenes of a small town and artistic angles definitely add to the quality of this movie. The director must really like the rule of thirds, and so do I. It's a tried and true method of cropping.

Rating: 8

The script is weird! Quirks abound, pushing the boundaries of the natural voice but it's believable enough to really enjoy. You'll like how Fin interacts with his surroundings. And Joe? Great guy. Odd script, very unique.
Rating: 8

The plot is slice of life with a bit more to it. All the characters have their own problems and we get to explore them all to a degree. I like that it's not all about Fin. This plot style worked really well in 25th Hour, and it works well here too. Still, slice of life stories tend to be twistless.
Rating: 7

Mood: It's the kind of movie where there's no jokes per se, but you find yourself laughing all the time anyways. If it was just the story of someone who was of regular height, it wouldn't have so much impact. If Fin wasn't such a jackass in the beginning, it wouldn't have done so well either. It's really well done. A pleasant surprise.

Rating: 7

Gorgeous Fran's hot dog and sausage stand.. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYIN!

Overall Rating: 76% (Impressive)

This was recommended to me by a couple of friends, who both said that it was a nice little gem of a movie. I tend not to trust that kind of a review, I always expect more than I tend to get from recommended "Hidden Gems". Still I always give them a chance, just in case. It's good! I must say I was impressed.