Monday, March 28, 2005

Boogie Nights (1997)

Rollergirl, numchuks, leisure suits... What else do you need?!

Genre: Drama Comedy

Starring: Mark Wahlberg (Three Kings; The Italian Job), Julianne Moore (The Hours; The Shipping News),

Directed By: Paul Thomas Anderson (Punch-Drunk Love; Magnolia)
Overview: A caricature of the late 70s porn industry, we follow the exploits and tribulations of Dirk Diggler.

Acting: Don Cheadle, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, William H. Macy. It seems that every up and coming actor (that made it) from the late 90s is in this. They all do a great job, and the cast is all-star. The direction was excellent.
Rating: 8

The images were terrific. Those long single take shots where we watch the character go from room to room, and the vast party scenes with tons of people interacting. Time and again I was impressed by another spectacular shot, oh, not to forget those film reel shots... Then there's the juxtaposing in the end sequences, terrific.
Rating: 8

"My wife's over there with an ass in her cock, and you want to talk to me about lighting?"

This script is brilliant. The dialogue is exciting, vibrant, and really real and hilarious. Almost every single scene had absolutely perfect dialogue or narrative. Keep an eye on this writer, Paul Thomas Anderson. He wrote Magnolia and Punch-Drunk Love too, no wonder - see those!
Rating: 9

The movie was about as long as Dirk's dong. Too big IS possible, but this writer has a thing about epic film, and if someone can hold our attention for that long then kudos to you. He did it too. The plot is all encompassing. From introduction to ascent to descent, but not only him, his friends and lovers too. This was really well laid out, really well thought out.
Rating: 8

The mood was Holy Jumpin' Disco Porno! Immersed into the style and the mahogany, the moustaches and the crazy boots, and the fonts, oh Lord. Every single scene exuded and dripped tacky kitsch. From Rollergirl to white suits Saturday Night Fever dance floors, and that tour around his new house... The best part was that when the scenes has to be serious, they toned down the look just enough. Amazing.
Rating: 10

There's Dirk, covering up his Diggler...

Overall Rating: 86% (Get Down!)

Aftertaste: The film is amazing! I don't know why I overlooked it for so long, everyone told me how great it was and I just always thought I had something better to see. Sadly mistaken. Don't make that mistake yourself. And for the ladies out there, you'll appreciate that last scene. :P
People, seriously: see this.