Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Cannes International Ad Festival (2004)

Mmmm.... ew.

Genre: Collage of contest submissions

Starring: Advertising from all over the world

Directed By: Too many to name

Overview: This annual festival is a competition of the best commercials from 2004.

Acting: These are the best commercials of 2004. 30 seconds is all the people have to impress the audience and get them to buy stuff. It's a tall order for actors, especially since most commercial actors are fairly new. Well the acting was very well done, all round.
Rating: 7

Cinematography: The witty cinematography was less impressive than last year. Much less art than I expected. The focus really wasn't on the cinematography this year.
Rating: 6

Script: The scripts, on occasion, made no sense, the dramatic scenes weren't as poignant as they could have been, but the comedy was gold. Great stuff.
Rating: 7

Plot: The plots ranged from non-existent to simply put to very good. It's not fair really. They don't have the time to get a full story out, but for the sake of the rating system, overall the ideas did keep us focused enough to wait for the next one. Sometimes though they repeated too many commercials of the same theme, like Bud Light did. It got old after awhile.
Rating: 6

Mood: The mood of the Cannes Festival has to be added to the context of actually being in a theater full of other people laughing and saying, "hmmm" the same time you are. For this reason it jumps up a notch. Nice presentation.
Rating: 8

"Me? Oh hell yeah I LOVE commercials! I love corporate AMERICA!!!"

Overall Rating: 68% (Waddaya Expect? They're Commercials...)

Aftertaste: The ads were good, as expected, but there was less art and the friend I went with added that the selections for the Gold Award weren't always the best of the bunch, it seemed quite obvious that there was some politicking going on. Ultimately it was better last year: more art, more serious commercials that left you with something to think about rather than something to laugh about, but hell it's good sometimes to go to an art house and know that the place is packed.