Tuesday, March 01, 2005

End of the Century (2003)

No, guys the title is higher...

Genre: Music Documentary

Starring: The Ramones! (Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy, Joey, Markey, Ritchie)

Directed By: Jim Fields, Michael Gramaglia

Overview: The tale of The Ramones, punk rock band extraordinaire.

Acting: The interviews are great. They're funny and the people in the band really seem to put their best in answering the questions and telling the story in an entertaining fashion.
Rating: 7

This is what happens with archival footage. It's old. The interviews are crisp, as usual, but the footage from their tours and especially CBGB's is pretty bad at times. It's blurry and muffled. I don't know if the producers gave up in trying to have some quality archival stuff, in the sake of keeping the gritty mood, but the blurry got distracting.
Rating: 5

The interviews and the stories are really entertaining, even if you aren't a fan. The fight about what the next song should be, and the retelling of the "your girlfriend's a pig" knife fight stories are definitely my favorites. Dee Dee's dialogue is pretty funny stuff.
Rating: 7

There are no original twists in this documentary. Metallica: Some Kind of Monster is a story about the band making an album after tribulations, and discussions with their therapist. Dig! is a story of two rival bands and their juxtaposed careers. What I'm saying is this is a straight up Rock History, so you'd better like the Ramones if you're going to see this.
Rating: 6

The mood was Rock with a splash of punk, and a touch of the era and it's too bad that we couldn't have seen more of their parties and the like, I guess there just wasn't any film of it. Good Rocumentary though, real entertaining.
Rating: 7

No actually there weren't all related, their last names actually just all happened to be Ramone!

Overall Rating: 64% (Relatively Uninspired)

Aftertaste: The Ramones kick ass and if you like them, see this. If you're just going to pick something off the shelf just for the sake of learning a bit about an influential band and you aren't really into the Ramones, might I suggest one of the other rocumentaries I mentioned? Like I said, there really isn't anything here past history and some wild stories about the band, but I liked it.