Thursday, March 03, 2005

Good Bye Lenin! (2003)

And they don't sing 'Imagine' ONCE!

Genre: Drama Comedy (Germany)

Starring: Daniel Brühl (Joyeux Noël; Ladies In Lavender), Katrin Saß

Directed By: Wolfgang Becker

Overview: A woman comes out of a coma eight month after the Fall of East Berlin. Her son must keep his idealistic yet frail mother from realizing that the country she knew has changed, lest she have a fatal heart attack.

Acting: Good. Foreign films often have a more honest view of the world. The touch of Hollywood drama is lessened, replaced by something more human. There's no great ultra-dramatic scenes, but it's all realistic (in that slightly comic kind of way).
Rating: 7

The images of The Wall coming down and the helicopter carrying away the statue of Lenin were impressive. There weren't any special effects in this, but the shooting of it had a very 'homey' style. Decent.
Rating: 7

The script was fine. It might have been the plot, but the things they said didn't really keep me glued to the screen. The narrative pieces were very well written, but there weren't too many of those.
Rating: 6

Foreign films have a way of filtering their way through their country, and sifting the best to us, so we get things that are pretty good. Well the plot is very solid, and interesting: Will Mom find out that the Wall fell and socialism is no more? A good ending too.
Rating: 7

The conclusion cinched it, a good wrap up and the narrative explaining the reasons was great too. The theme of great change was everpresent, though it wasn't overdramatic. The focus on Mom's life as the whole country changes around her little room was well done.
Rating: 7

It's funny cause East Germans can't cope with change! BAHAHAHA!

Overall Rating: 68% (Hello Mediocrity!)

Aftertaste: After seeing so many movies, I've got a good feel for them once I see the trailer. The trailer made this one out to be a comedy, and I could tell it wouldn't be going in, though I had still hoped for more laughs. People told me how great this was and I just never got around to it because I always felt there was something better out there. Sometimes my intuition is bang on, and it was in this case. It's good, just stop freaking about about it.