Monday, March 21, 2005

Yellow Submarine (1968)

If I had a yellow submarine, I'd totally get that checked out by a doctor...

Genre: Animated Family Comedy Adventure Fantasy Musical (USA, UK)

Starring: The Beatles (John, Paul, Ringo, George)

Directed By: George Dunning

Overview: Pepperland is attacked by the Blue Meanies. The Beatles are recruited to take the Yellow Submarine back to Pepperland and save the populace!

Acting: The Beatles, admittedly are not the best voice actors, and their acting skills can't adequately be gauged by the typecasted roles they've been given. But since you asked...
Rating: 6

The visuals are what this movie is all about. It's psychedelic and amazing and creepy and weird and cliché all at the same time. I was disappointed a couple of times at the lack of imagination that went into a one or two of the scenes, but the rest of the movie really made up for it.
Rating: 7

The script is full of puns. I remember this being funnier, (granted I was 7 when I first heard this), and there were some good ones, and some groaners, all in good fun, but really not much else was going on in the way of dialogue. It's really all about the music anyways (which I won't include under script).
Rating: 6

The plot was a little disjointed. It was about a submarine that goes from realm to realm to get back to Pepperland and the adventures and songs along the way. Expect nothing deep.
Rating: 6

The psychedelic and musical mood is what this is all about. With great sequences like the animation for Eleanor Rigby, and the land of all those strange animals, and the Foothills of the Headlands... This is what I remember well.
Rating: 8

Paul, John, George and Dingo

Overall Rating: 66% (A Bit Of A Sinker)

Aftertaste: The reason I bought this movie was pure nostalgia. I was thinking about recently, and I was in Montreal, and it was right there, available, beckoning to me. I don't regret the decision, though I don't remember it being so short, and I wish they has just cut the boring sequences rather than force us through them as they played some obscure tune...