Saturday, May 28, 2005

Say Anything... (1989)

Right, this big important scene where he's playing music out her window with a ghetto blaster and she doesn't even wonder where the music's coming from... as IF

Genre: Romance Drama

Starring: John Cusack (High Fidelity; Gross Point Blank), Ione Skye (Fever Pitch; Four Rooms)

Directed By: Cameron Crowe (Vanilla Sky; Almost Famous)

Overview: A regular guy begins dating the class valedictorian for the summer before she heads off to England.

Acting: This thing is full of those 80s melodramatic displays combined with some not-so-innovative tear scenes. The direction was terribly weak, yet somehow Cusack held it together, that's something to be proud of. And I don't know what's wrong with the director, but there were three hugs in this movie, and every one of them was a ridiculously awkward display. Except for Cusack, it seems that the acting caliber doesn't stretch far beyond "Frasier" fare (John Mahoney's plays Frasier's dad), which is fine, but only fine.
Rating: 5

Cinematography: The images were standard, absolutely nothing to make the unimaginative say, "What's going on there?". Too plain frankly, nothing panoramic, no interesting scenery, nothing. Bland as all hell. Dated interior decorating doesn't bring back nostalgia, it just makes us laugh.
Rating: 5

Script: This is by far the proudest display of the ABC after-school special, teaching us what being a gentleman is, teaching us what summer love is, teaching us what our first love was like, or should have been like, teaching us how to have a relationship with our parents, including how to tell your father that you lost your virginity last night. Aside from the rhetoric, this unrealistic suburbanite view of the world was unoriginal, except for the occasional witty Cusack moment, though it wasn't a comedy in the slightest.
Rating: 4

Plot: I felt like a clairvoyant, it was so transparent. I actually wanted to know where the twist was. There's nothing here to make you interested in the continuity, except maybe the whole "Daddy in trouble with the law" bit, which ultimately seemed to lack direction since it had very little to do with the main plot, which frankly was ruined by dad's constant presence. Ugh!
Rating: 4

Mood: The overall mood was entirely dated. The lingering "first love romance" thing lacked drama, comedy and a good ending. The only thing that it had going for it was the score, or rather, the one song that was "their song" and a cheesy song it was, bringing the dated 80s back full circle like some horrible bottomless pit. Laughable.
Rating: 4

Ack don't even get me started on the hat.

Overall Rating: 44% (Yuck. No. Ick. Stop Talking.)

Aftertaste: This is a poor 80s piece of trash that had maybe 20 minutes of endearing moments in it. I guess I don't remember the 80s that well, because I remember it sucking a lot more than this rose-coloured veneer they threw over it. Please! I'll tell you though, I didn't turn it off, so it can't be all that bad, right? It also can't be that bad because two people recommended this to me, however I think they're both wrong. I laughed too much, I mocked too much. This was probably good in the 80s. Now it's unbelievable poo.