Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Tree of Palme (2002)

He's not a tree, he's a robot... big woop

Genre: Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi Romance Drama Animé (Japan)

Starring: Akiko Hiramatsu, Megumi Toyoguchi

Directed By: Takashi Nakamura (Robot Carnival)

Overview: A pinnochio tale with a twist, this puppet's voyage leads him to The Below, on a quest to become human.

Acting: The acting is pretty damn good. These people know how to make melodrama without being too melodramatic about it. This film is heavy on the dilemmas and trials, and the characters follow suit appropriately.
Rating: 7

The scenes are often vast panoramics of a nature filled with strange animals and intricately large trees. Each setting is indeed a visual spectacle. The animation is great, just a hint of computer animation thrown into the traditional fare. The characters however, weren't drawn exactly to my liking, a little too cartooney for me, but real smooth.
Rating: 7

The writing went with the plot. It was really well written in the beginning, when we learn about Palme and his quest, but I found explanation lacking. It quite obvious that they were trying to be mysterious, but in the end, they didn't explain what was happening or what had happened once it was over.
Rating: 6

The plot lost me. I swear I was paying attention! It must be a social difference between Japan and us here Canadians, but the imagery and symbolism eluded me when the plot was coming to a climax. I know what happened, I just don't know why... Also aside from that, I didn't find the story very exciting, if barely entertaining. You'd think they could put some more 'Oomph' in there... It is over 2 hours long after all. I thought the ending sucked too.
Rating: 5

The everpresent blue distraction to our puppet, the gems, the slow entrancing nature, all really good imagery, but after so much hype about The Below, it would have been nice to spend a little more time there, seeing what it was all about. Instead they barreled to the end. The beginning was great mood builder, a nice trip. The movie has a good theme to it, if not a little too slow.
Rating: 7

"So if I find the ghost of Stanley Kubrick, he'll turn me into a real plot?"

Overall Rating: 64% (Bland Fruit From This Tree)

Aftertaste: The visuals were good, the Animé was smooth, but what I love about Animé is that they can really push the edge and go with wild plots that couldn't be done with special effects technology. Sadly, I found myself bored by the plot. I think I'll forget about this one pretty quick.