Saturday, June 11, 2005

Don't Try This at Home: The Steve-O Video (2001)

"Look, in in the same place my career's going!"

Genre: Comedy Short

Starring: Steve-O (Jackass: The Movie; "Wildboyz"), Johnny Knoxville (The Dukes Of Hazzard; The Ringer)

Overview: Steve-O of Jackass fame pulled more stunts and tricks, including footage from his 'Don't Try This At Home' tour.

Acting: This is one of those movies / shorts you have to watch drunk and with friends to get. "Jackass" had a great appeal if you just sank down to that level and appreciated the ingenious pranks and stunts that were being done, but as I've always said, Steve-O is the crass to Knoxville's class. Knoxville went to film, Steve-O is endangering his life. It's funny, but not all that funny.
Rating: 6

Cinematography: The picture quality suffered from time to time. Shot more like a documentary than on a set, this has that "real" feel so it works, and overall we never thought "what's going on there?" The second part though, the "career Ender" video. Seriously, that much penis and testicle on screen should not be allowed, especially when staples and darts are thrown in the mix.

Rating: 6

Script: Totally infantile, as expected. Though in this particular vid, it fits. You know what to expect if you know the sort of retarded things Steve-O does.
Rating: 6

Plot: The plot is less story and more about gory glory. You'll be entertained and you'll want to see it to the end, (and it's super short) because there are some impressive stunts that make you realize this guy is skating on the thin ice of fame through danger. It's a sick thing about humanity that makes us want to see it. Won't let you down for the "deer in the headlights, slow down for an accident" factor.
Rating: 7

Mood: The mood is certainly more of a younger demographic than mine, all guys running around stapling things, breaking things, jumping onto and out of things, and all that lighting stuff on fire... It's enough to make you glad you grew up. Ever so often there's these shots of Steve-O talking about why he does it, and that adds a nice little perspective to the mix.
Rating: 7

"At least there's one other person who likes me, thumbs up buddy!"

Overall Rating: 64% (Steve-O Misses the Mark-O)

Aftertaste: The thing about this video is that I thought this was the one where we see Steve-O on a sobering PCP trip that amuses and terrifies at the same time. That is #3, the next one, which I know I'll see, just for the sake of continuity. That's really what I expected to see, not all these 'firecrackers in his butt' tricks. I would have had a better time if there was more Knoxville, that's for sure.