Monday, June 13, 2005

The Incredibles (2004)

Fantastic even!

Genre: Action Adventure Family Comedy Fantasy Sci-Fi Animation

Starring: Craig T. Nelson (The Family Stone; "Coach"), Holly Hunter (The Piano; Crash),

Directed By: Brad Bird (The Iron Giant)

Overview: With the good old days of Superherodom behind him, Mr. Incredible find new adventures when an archnemesis intervenes.

Acting: I particularly enjoyed Samuel L. Jackson's voice acting in this one, especially his dialogue with his wife about where his suit is. This was great. Pixar really knows how to pick 'em.
Rating: 8

Cinematography: The animation is as expected: amazing and detailed with impressive setting and dramatic explosions and stunts. A really nice show indeed. Pixar's animators have nothing to worry about when it comes to job security.
Rating: 9

Script: Well written, well delivered, great motive by the bad guy, nice comedic moments, funny when it has to be, poignant (in a light kids movie kind of way) when it comes to the tougher moments. You won't be disappointed.
Rating: 8

Plot: The plot is well delivered. Again, the archnemesis is well constructed and we grow very attached to the Incredibles family with focus on "Mr." Incredible. Light-hearted and fun, this movie will entertain and delight adults and children alike. That great scene with Elastigirl as she gets into a bind with security doors, real original. A great story.
Rating: 8

Mood: The feel of this movie combines Batman with Superman, X-Men with "The Green Hornet". The costumes and the score, the dramatic poses and panoramic shots, the bad guys, the destruction and the hidden lairs: this is really what you came for. The atmosphere of memorabilia is exceptional. The kids may not get it as well as you do, but those of you that have a memory that goes from Adam West to "Batman Beyond" will find that nostalgic edge is captured perfectly.
Rating: 9

All in poses and shit, Hells yeah...

Overall Rating: 84% (Incredible!)

Aftertaste: This was a tremendously fun film. I was waiting to get around to it, but it was sort of one of those movies that I missed the window for. I borrowed it from a friend and found myself laughing throughout. On a hot muggy night in front of a fan, this was a great thing to unwind tense back muscles to.