Sunday, August 07, 2005

Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988) * Weird and Wacky *

See cause they might destroy the world, like it was nothing, that's more of that 'symbolism' I spoke of...

Genre: Comedy Horror Sci-Fi

Starring: Grant Cramer, Suzanne Snyder (Return Of The Living Dead Part II; Weird Science)

Directed By: Stephen Chiodo

Overview: When a comet streaks over lover's lane, the kids decide to investigate. They find a circus tent full of traps and Killer Klowns!

Acting: These actors, have you ever heard of them since? Me neither. If they make a Hyundai commercial or work on the stage ever again, I'd be impressed. The brothers were the ones who bothered me the most. The only actor who I've seen anywhere else plays a caricature of a bad cop, but you know? He's decent.
Rating: 5

Cinematography: The images are good, the special effects are decent and those clown costumes are really special if you ask me. Shadow puppets and cotton candy guns, good stuff. Unfortunately the sets themselves were pretty chintzy and the locations weren't very good or exciting, very bland, rote stuff.
Rating: 6

Script: Ok, seriously, when people write, what happens in their brains? Is there something there that makes them forget human nature? I give 'One' ratings for the kind of writing that goes against logic, and though it wasn't that bad, it makes me realize that this can't be so hard to do, given that you've LIVED all this time, and had social interactions with other human beings! It seems as though for the sake of continuity, they ad-libbed the script and really did nothing to rewrite the original draft. This suffers and not in that funny way.
Rating: 3

Plot: The plot is almost as weak as the writing, but it's not that predictable, given that people go on messed up tangents and do things ever so contrary, so in that respect, we're a little surprised at where it ends up. The end is a predictable cop out, but seems to fit the genre. What made this movie was the innovative and original scenes that were consistent throughout this film, and makes up for a lot.
Rating: 6

Mood: I think this movie gets the record for greatest span of ratings between categories (script 3, mood 9). The mood sets the film, I've said it before and it carried this one all the way through because it was so good. You really have to commit to the ridiculous premise that there's Killer Klowns in Outer Space, but once you do and want to enjoy the ride like I did, you get a kick out of the ice cream truck, the mutant popcorn guns, the circus tent spaceship, the cotton candy and balloon guns, the clown cars, it never ends! Add a hefty dollop of 80s comic relief, and that's the cherry on the acid cream pie.
Rating: 9

Now I understand why some people are frieked out by clowns.

Overall Rating: 58% (One Hell of a Niche Market Film)

Aftertaste: Everyone told me this was going to suck, and in a way it does, just not to me. The mood is ever-present and it's not like they take themselves seriously. It's no Army of Darkness, but I'm better off having seen it, and that goes a long way in my books. As stupid, cheesy 80s Comedy Horror film goes, this is actually pretty repertoire. Holy jumpin' the 80s. What the hell were we thinking? That was my social commentary :P