Friday, August 19, 2005

Logan's Run (1976)

The future is awesome because there's no such thing as bras

Genre: Drama Fantasy Sci-Fi Adventure

Starring: Michael York (The Island Of Dr. Moreau), Jenny Agutter (The Eagle Has Landed; An American Werewolf In London)

Directed By: Michael Anderson (Orca; The Dam Busters)

Overview: In a utopian future of decadence, the only condition is that you die at 30, unless reborn by the ritual of carousel. One sandman is sent to seek the dissenters, those who flee the city as they approach end day.

Acting: The acting suffers from time to time. Torn between the director and the players I have decided to berate them both. And the fight choreography? PLEASE. It's like someone liked this book and said, "Well it doesn't matter HOW we do it as long as the cool PLOTLINE is maintained." WRONG!
Rating: 5

Cinematography: The images border on the cheesy but giving this the benefit of the doubt for the era, I still give points for the cool city miniatures, the girls walking around with no bras, the carousel and the other settings. It's obvious that the look was very important to the end product... And great guns!
Rating: 8

Script: The dialogue goes on a little, saying things unnecessary and adding length to the film. The interactions between out hero couple seemed very good and the actor's chemistry helped this a lot, but that old man went on and on and on. Shut up already! I don't care that you're Peter Ustinov.
Rating: 5

Plot: Terrible bullshit explosion ending! It's the worst ending ever! When people end the reign of an evil entity, why does their castle fall apart around them? They pulled it off well enough in Lord of The Rings, but you know what? I still hated that ending. I take points for that, and I take points for the fact that there were adventure fillers thrown in that didn't have to be there. Just because it's in the book doesn't mean you have to drag it out to a full 2 hours, not to mention that the people act like pre-destined morons throughout. UGH! Lucky for you it's sci-fi, or it would be even lower.
Rating: 4

Mood: The mood suffered from the lack of believability, but regained some hope due to the settings and the futuristic look and the nudity (which is carrying me pretty far these days, you know?) A touch of cheese in the old school effects department, but overall better good than bad. Of course, I wanted much more, but that orgy drug sex room was pretty neat, I must say.
Rating: 6

Cool guns, dumb Ustinovs

Overall Rating: 56% (Don't Run To See This)

Aftertaste: The gall of some people, telling me this is a Classic. I even heard some character on television say it was one of his Top 5 favorites. Come on, it's way too cheesy to be taken seriously. It has a certain appeal, but the logic of human nature and the way everything conveniently falls into place? That robot, WTF was that? And that ending? Yes, amidst disaster and crushed bodies I tend to be one of the hundreds who slowly crowd around the old new guy. As if. What a hunk of bunk. It's too long, too unrealistic and too stupid to be considered a classic. Don't listen to them.