Thursday, August 11, 2005

Meet The Feebles (1989) * Weird And Wacky *

Mildly amusing image for the sake that she looks like Barney, which is laughable, or Smoochy, which is an actually funny film.

Genre: Comedy Musical (New Zealand)

Starring: Donna Akersten, Stuart Devenie

Directed By: Peter Jackson (Dead Alive; Bad Taste)

Overview: The Feebles, a variety entertainment troupe, is getting ready for the big event. Amidst drug deals, porn shoots, burdgeoning romance and jealous rage, can they get the show ready on time? Definitely rated R.

Acting: The displays and portrayals seemed fine The voice acting maintained the characters. That rat was my favorite little guy, the lasciviousness and the lechery about him was really well portrayed. The dirty journalist fly was great too, but I felt something lacking overall. I feel the direction was weak, but Jackson's never been big on making sure his actors excel.
Rating: 6

Cinematography: The images were passable, the Muppets were kind of cool but I got over that pretty quick. The final shootout, the toilet-turd eating fly and the gross bits I found rather surprising, though mildly entertaining. Overall, I found the images lacking in quality, (probably due to the laptop I was watching it on) but I still didn't find it to be an exciting experience; sets weren't dynamic or interesting. Seems that they relied too much on the fact that the puppets would carry itself in this category.
Rating: 6

Script: This opens up with a song about 'The Feebles', in that Muppet show kind of introduction. Well they show it twice more ,and it wasn't that good the first time. There's two other songs, one about a three legged dog who wonders how does he get around, and some fruity romance-style solo that I found very bland, as though it were filler. The songs were bad, boring and a waste of time. I was rather disappointed. The rest, yeah, not High Art.
Rating: 4

Plot: The story itself didn't appeal to me all that much either. I often found myself bored, looking at how much longer was left, contemplating terminating the film for desire at better, greener pastures of activities. I would hear, "Oh check out this part", and though good, I only remember being told 3 or 4 times. The rest of the time, I found myself not really caring if the drug deal went through or if the show went on, or how it ended. I found this story rather boring altogether.
Rating: 4

Mood: The puppetry and the entire depth of it seemed rather prevalent, and I'll give it it's due for that, but did it capture me in it's mood? No. The sets were unimaginative, the musical segments weren't good and the feel of the whole thing felt way over the top and too gross for me. I know, Squish grossed out by something? It's context. These are Muppets! There aren't supposed to be aardvarks drooling ejaculate from their noses and using them to fornicate with sex slaves. Search me, but I didn't think it appropriate.
Rating: 5

Muppets eating turdlets, yeah that's entertainment, sell me some more.

Overall Rating: 46% (Feeble Indeed)

Aftertaste: You know, I expected a bit more. In the end it was a good times with some friends, but what the hell?! Too crass, too gross and too non-sequitorial to be validated by my appreciation for what it was worth. I don't think this is anywhere as good as anyone I know made it out to be, and I would never recommend this to anyone. I even debated reviewing it as a film, thinking that it had no movie qualities to it... Then I remembered it was feature length. So here we are... Might as well tell you all how I didn't like it. Those that presented it to me loved it and I gather it's one of those nichey Cult films that you either love or hate. Is comparing it to Liquid Sky in that respect a little too much? Probably...