Saturday, August 13, 2005

Tron (1982)

More fantastical than anything so many people my ave have never even HEARD of this.

Genre: Action Adventure Sci-Fi Thriller (USA, Taiwan)

Starring: Jeff Bridges (Arlington Road; The Big Lebowski), Bruce Boxleitner (The Babe; Kuffs)

Directed By: Steven Lisberger

Overview: In search for proof that the mighty corporation has stolen his game ideas, our hero hacks into the CPU. Said CPU hacks back, digitizing him and sending him to it's vast computer universe.

Acting: Fine, fine. Even I'll admit it, it's better than bad but it's not great, alright? But at the same time that User scream of "Noooo!!!" in that first game was still a very amusing moment. Admittedly there is a touch of melodramatic 80s to it, and even in context it's not fantastic, but really, get over it and enjoy the rest of the overall brilliance of this terrific show of innovation.
Rating: 6

Cinematography: Scenes shot covered in reflective tape, hours upon hours of individually hand-painted film cells and computer images of the like never imagined in the 80s, this is one hell of a movie, given the era. You know what? To hell with that, regardless of the era this is great visuals. It's not ridiculously obvious blue backgrounds. It's awesome. Genius aside, this gets full marks.
Rating: 10

Script: The dialogue is 80s sure, fine, but the writing is good and definitely not distracting. The CPU's malignant aggression and the other characters were well defined, and I really have no complaints about it.
Rating: 7

Plot: The story is pretty basic, but the adventure goes across the time and space of the multiverse that is the grand computer world. It goes from neat premise to a fight for survival with interesting and entertaining progression. Those games are pretty original, and light cycle? Holy GOD does that have staying power. To hell with Dig Dug and Burger Time, Tron's the wave of the future. Besides I don't see Dig Dug 2.0 out there for Playstation, do you?
Rating: 8

Mood: The universe is vast, the style is everpresent in the costumes and special effects. Yes, the cinematography carries this movie almost all the way, but the look is all mood and the theme is evil technological slavery. I think it deserves our highest rating.
Rating: 10

Individually painted cells and not one guy drew a dinky on anyone!

Overall Rating: 82% (Classic Nostalgic)

Aftertaste: The nostalgia for me what overwhelming. Sadly the one I had homed would appreciate this as much as I commented on the lack of scenery. This made me realize it just wasn't her type of movie, sadly. I on the other hand realized how great revisiting beloved films is. We should do it more often, really. If you remember liking this as much as I did, then by all means go out and see it again.