Monday, December 19, 2005

The Dark Hours (2005)

"You know if it's something you enjoy, I'm sure your husband would indulge you."

Genre: Horror Thriller (Canada)

Starring: Kate Greenhouse, Aidan Devine

Directed By: Paul Fox

Overview: A doctor discovers her tumor has grown and goes to the cottage to discuss it with her husband and sister. Instead of a quiet weekend, one of her escaped mental patients shows up to play some dangerous games.

Acting: The cast was decent, especially the husband, who's in The Pedestrian (ew) and Waydowntown (awesome), and the Harland (the crazy dude) character. The doctor was not my favorite, though she was strong, and her sister actually pissed me right off in her stupid role. I think I'll blame the weak direction. Passable.
Rating: 6

Cinematography: The look was rustic, the civilization shots were interesting enough. The ending had this great way of tying everything in perfectly, and there were some cinematographically impressive moments, but nothing worthy of note, though professional.
Rating: 7

Script: I hated the script. Only Harland had anything interesting to say until the Truth or Dare scene, then it got interesting. For the entire first half of the movie I was consciously aware of how I didn't like what minutiae the players were talking about. That is never a good sign.
Rating: 4

Plot: The premise is good: terrifying mind games in the cottage. A good couple twists, turns and daring moments. The ending? I loved it. Sadly though, the first half of the film exuded the perpetual error of 'The Bad Thriller': WAITING for stuff to happen. I waited too long for the story to unfold, and was not very entertained. This would be a good short story, starting at the Truth or Dare scene, which from then on, is great, really great, and bumps up the score.
Rating: 7

Mood: The way our opinions change about the characters was really well done, very subtle and interesting. The isolationism of their setting was damn straightforward too. The mood shifts fairly dramatically and I'd say that this was the best part of the film, without a doubt. A nice air of fear turned illumination turned madness. Good stuff.
Rating: 8

"Uh, hun? When you said you were into 'this stuff' I really didn't think you meant dumping pig's blood on me while you drink champagne. That's actually more twisted than I would have expected, frankly."

Overall Rating: 64% (None Too Bright)

Aftertaste:The Thriller. It's like Horror for pussies who tend to miss the first half of movies. It's the kind of movie you can have sex for the first hour and not rewind it because the first 5 minutes explained everything and there was haunting music for the next 53. I never really thought about it until just recently: Thrillers have goo great a potential at being bad from the start, because they tend to be really boring. If you don't spice it up, you're left wanting. The Thriller is a very dangerous formula to work with. Like nitroglycerine, don't play with it if you're new at the craft.