Saturday, December 24, 2005

Layer Cake (2004)

'Ow about this? You do what I say today, and tomorrow when I'm Bond I won't kill you in the opening scene.

Genre: Crime Drama Thriller (UK)

Starring: Daniel Craig (The Jacket; Casino Royale), Colm Meany (Die Hard II; Far and Away)

Directed By: James Foley

Overview: Our hero plans on getting out of the cocaine business now that he's ahead. With Bosnians hunting for his head and British Old Guard Hoods threatening to do the same, that plan is going to be a hard one to accomplish.

Acting: The entire cast from the mains to the Duke, from the no-good small time end users to the Old School Crime Syndicate Bosses, every one of these players have crime on the brain, in their blood and oozing out of their pores. Very immersive roles and direction. Kudos to you!
Rating: 9

Cinematography: The look was just as hip as the rest of the film. The sets and locations were top-drawer and it was a spectacle to watch. These guys are pros and know how to make a film pretty, and pretty cool too.
Rating: 8

Script: "Fucking females is for poofs."

Cracked us all up, given that it was a gay man saying it. Think Snatch, but serious. There's funny little moments, but after all is said and done Gangster Drama is the genre. The writing is brilliant and full of hip little quips. You'll appreciate it and be aware after the fact that writing helped make this great.
Rating: 8

Plot: This you will appreciate. Like the title suggests this is a megaploy of multiple plays that spin and entwine one another into a tale needing no icing, but they definitely put some nice cherries on top. A great story with perfectly meshed subplots. Terrific. And that ending!
Rating: 8

Mood: Think of who created this: the guys from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. It's like British Crime Drama on steroids. If you liked those you'll like this. It's that simple. It's hip, it's cool (as if I haven't said that enough times) and it's super intelligent. The mood was so good that I bought a key of Coke and I'm cutting it with baby laxative as we speak. What a sweet life I'm going to lead.
Rating: 8

"So I guess we need a plan B?"

Overall Rating: 82% (Très Sweet!)

Aftertaste: The group I was with, myself included were all a little hyper that night and frankly we probably were more in a Snatch mood, but you know it was a perfect little film between the terrible evening tasks of dinner and drinks with old friends. You'll like this, I can't see how you wouldn't. Real fun.