Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Perfect Crime (2004) * Hidden Gem *

"See, if you get the special lens your nose looks almost as big as mine!"

Crime Comedy (Spain, Italy)

Starring: Guillermo Toledo (Only Human; Intacto), Monica Cervera

Directed By: Alex de la Iglesia

Overview: When a free-spirited and elegant ladies man accidentally kills his new boss at the department store, an unassuming, plain employee blackmails him to do her bidding.

Acting: The entire cast is great. The boss, the hero, every woman, lackey, cop and kid is perfectly chosen. Perfect care was taken in casting to select the right look of each and every face. It's nice that they took all that effort to set up the roles, and the direction and delivery is beautiful. Really funny.
Rating: 9

Cinematography: The look of the entire film was terrific, little shots like people talking from behind pipes and things, funny little dream sequences, and some really well thought out and dynamic scenery and camera angles, from living room dinners to clowns running around, the whole visual spectacle was incredible, though the fire effects were a little too fake.
Rating: 9

Script: The writing was brilliant. The narration at the beginning jumps us right into the characterization of our womanizing hero. The subtle differences in dialogue make for just enough interesting conversations to keep you really entertained. Also, nothing seems to be lost in translation because the movie is hilarious. That scene with the 8 year old daughter over dinner is killer.
Rating: 8

Plot: The whole thing unfolds right away. We learn a lot very quickly about the man and his Department Store Culture and those around him. The plot goes one way, comes back and changes a few times, keeping it fresh throughout. My big beef is the end "The Perfect Crime" itself. Frankly there's so many holes in it that you just have to ignore it all and enjoy the unfolding of the plan, which is neat, if it actually worked. Still, a great story overall, really great.
Rating: 8

Mood: Effin' hilarious. No really, really funny. The best thing about this is it's not one of those comedies where you wait for the next laugh, the next funny moment and wade through story to get there. This story is great and on TOP of everything, it's funny. See? What a terrific atmosphere. So original, seeing everything with the culture of the department store mentality is a nice twist that adds to the mood that quirky little touch it needed to get score it deserves. Oh and all the kids are perfect little brats.
Rating: 9

Mall stalkers are scary, but when they're the manager, somehow it's hilarous.

Overall Rating: 86% (Perfect indeed!)

Aftertaste: People asked me "So what did you think of this movie?" My reply to them was, "Wow! Amazing!" Knowing that I rated this as highly as Batman Begins may make you reconsider, even if you really don't do 'foreign' films. A great time, glad I saw it. Hidden Gem, my friends. Seeing these ones sets you apart as a connoisseur, just so you know...