Thursday, March 09, 2006

An Interjected Hidden Gem Alert (March 2006)

Can you believe it's been 6 months since I let you all know about the best Hidden Gems I've seen? I know! It goes by so quickly! It'll be hard picking a nice little bunch of highly recommended films you might never have heard of, but I think I can swing it. Yes, my film watching stats have jumped considerably, they've probably doubled since last time. Sweet

Now then, in the last six months I've seen a good share of obscure silent film, and a touch of the modern foreign, and though a few great films out there won't be included, it's simply because they're a touch too popular. You know to see Syriana and Constant Gardener. I'm not going to keep making you feel bad for having missed them. My task today is to get you to see a movie that you haven't heard of that is truly amazing.

Like last time, these may not be the best of the bunch but if you haven't heard of them, you really should check them out. These are spectacular and should not be missed, and though advertising hasn't been big budget, the appeal of these films is sky high in my books.

Lord Of War (2005) - 86% (Oh My Lord!) Originally Reviewed November 4, 2005

The only thing I knew about this movie was the poster: the film was about an arms dealer and Nicholas Cage was in it. After seeing it, I was utterly surprised to find out that I had heard nothing at all about this movie. The cinematography is panoramic and original, the script is brilliant and the story is amazing. With such other huge actors as Jared Leto (Fight Club, Requiem For a Dream), you shouldn't find this disappointing. I guess you can't be everywhere, but more people need to know about this one. I went out and bought this, it's that good.

My Life Without Me (2003) - 86% (Life Without This? Not recommended.) Originally Reviewed September 24, 2005

It's strange you know. Sometimes a film seems to pride itself on the fact that it's going to be a little known film even though there's popular enough actors and it's one of the most incredibly written pieces of film you've ever seen. People just don't seem to know anything about it. Well, here I am to save the day. This is one of those sad romantic stories you can sit there and watch with your lady friend and she'll think you're sensitive, but really you're just a guy who likes good movies. It is truly an unassuming sleeper hit.

Our Hospitality (1923) - 86% (No Hostility about Hospitality!) Originally Reviewed February 9, 2005

Here you go: obscure to the max. You don't watch black and white movies, much less silent films. But wait... think about it. A movie so good it has made it through 80 years and is available on DVD. Well, if you haven't heard of Buster Keaton, he's like a mix between Jackie Chan and Charlie Chaplin. This guy's stunts are incredible, and he directed too! If you're going to see an old movie just to see what the hype is, check this one out. Everything about it is fantastic.

The Perfect Crime (2004) - 86% (Perfect Indeed!) Originally Reviewed December 15, 2005

So you're kind of in the mood for a dark comedy, and what the hell, it might as well be Italian. Well let me tell you than when this guy kills someone and the girl who sees him do it blackmails him to do her bidding or she'll destroy this huge empire he's built, it can be pretty funny. When that empire is 'manager of the department store floor - clothing', the perspective of it all is a laugh riot. Add to that some quirky plot development and all those mean kids, and you'll be as glad as I was to see this.

Irreversible- 84% (2002) (Unforgettable and Indelible Too) Originally Reviewed November 21, 2005

First off let me say that this is terribly, terribly graphic and it left a pretty deep mark on my mind for days after seeing it. I say on the original review page that I will not recommend this to anyone, because it's risky and I don't want people to think I get off on stuff this sick, but having said that, this movie, more than anything, is honest. It doesn't make you feel good but it's a tragic look at the underbelly of humanity backed into a corner. This is the dark side of honour, and for those of you with a strong stomach and in need of a good moral lesson surrounded by a haunting and original story, you should consider this. It's good, creepy good. And it's told backwards, like Memento, which is cool.