Monday, December 11, 2006

Travelling Alone (1995)

This rather instructive video teaches how not to draw such attention as would put a woman travelling alone in potential danger. Picture Quiz: Safe or Risky?

Genre: Drama (Canada)

Starring: Lorrane Mackie; Venetia Marie

Directed By: Bradley H. Luft

Overview: This is a public service announcement meant to caution women that go business travelling alone, as told in three tales of based on real event accounts... but really it's about laughing at the big hair.

Acting: There's two ways of looking at this. 1.) Public service announcements are rarely commissioned on a grand scale. Never before or since old school ASTAR segments done by the War Amps have such coolness ever been associated with the PSA. One must forgive the low-budget and unpolished acting in favour of the overall message, much as it is with movies seen in science class... 2.) OH MY DISCO AWESOME GENIUS HILARIOUS!
Rating: 6

Cinematography: As it is with the PSA, the fashion trends and acting styles are at least five years behind their contemporary film counterparts. I would have dated this film at around 1989-1991. The best parts, besides the fashions of course, have got to be officer whoever inside a portrait studio walking and posing amidst jump cuts of himself facing different directions. Wow, erratic can be fun!
Rating: 7

Script: Granted, the delivery of the events was less that inspired, but there were some choice moments of 1980s chauvinistic dialogue and motivations. Go figure you'd find such a thing in a rape PSA.
Rating: 7

Plot: When we started watching the opening scene with a woman in a diner who goes outside and discovers a flat, only to be helped out by the friendly assailant, we knew right away that this would be the sort of tale where people do stupid things just to point out how they shouldn't do such stupid things. Well we were mistaken. These tales unfold in such a way that they're very believable enough while still being veneered in this odd style.
Rating: 8

Mood: Nothing kills a 'laugh out loud at the public service announcement from the big hair days that marked the end of the 80s era' mood like a hyper-realistic and terrifying account from someone who was victimized and almost raped and killed. What a downer. What's this woman's problem? Why can't she realize what we're here for? We didn't want to see women crying over it, we wanted to see dudes in tight shorts acting terribly. Holy jumpin' stop being so believable.
Rating: 8

Much like this family, the ladies in Travelling Alone decide to keep their hairstyles on the less extreme side of the 80s.

Overall Rating: 72% (Take A Group Trip!)

Aftertaste: I was at work restocking the supplies in the cabinet I never go to, and what do I find but this lovely tape sitting there with a rather dramatic and bouffanted lady on the cover. This is the type of thing you come across and realize, "Friday night, have a few people over and check out this 38 minutes of good times!" It was, except for that stupid serious bit... Party Pooper.
Ignore the score, really. It's about the badness of the effect, let the rest slide.