Sunday, January 09, 2005

Open Water (2003)

"Honey! Why's the water all warm now?!"

Genre: Drama Horror Thriller

Starring: Blanchard Ryan, Daniel Travis

Directed By: Chris Kentis

Overview: A couple on vacation go diving and get left behind. This film is about their struggle to keep their wits as they await rescue.

Acting: I was told that some would consider the acting poor, because the dialogue is so natural as to make it seem as though these people are overacting the melodrama or underacting their everyday lives. I can't say I've met anyone who has poorly acted out their own lives, do you?! I don't know what those critics mean to say by that. This was well acted, appropriate and exciting.
Rating: 8

This was shot on digital film. It's easy to manage, it's cheap, it's the wave of the future. Even though 28 Days Later is one of my favorite Horrors movies, it's hard to get used to this new fangled technology sometimes. We'll all have get used to it, I guess. Anyways, the digital gave it a touch of the camcorder feel, which added to the "vacation memories" mood of the film. It was well shot overall. I must say this though: the way that night out in the ocean scene is shot is one of the most riveting and intense scenes you'll see this year. Goes up a point just for that.
Rating: 8

The script may have been a little too funny at times, frequent dry observational statement of the obvious. The fighting in the water is well done, the stresses that slowly accumulate are well written, and good overall.
Rating: 7

The plot is ultra simple. A couple gets lost. What's gonna happen to them? The plot here is so simple, in fact, that I'm sure some of the viewers might get a little bored of the fact that we're watching the same couple for so long, but the direction is good enough that it isn't all about that.
Rating: 7

The mood is, as stated before "camcorder vacation", pleasant and sunny, then stressful, then terrifying (I mean you can't go wrong with sharks). Good!
Rating: 7

The Bahamania Voyeur Shark prefers just to watch

Overall Rating: 74% (Clever)

Aftertaste: Holy, did I ever like this. It creeped me right out, and though it won't be one of the more memorable ones of the year, it was a great thrill ride. Guh! *shudder*