Monday, February 21, 2005

Friday Night Lights (2004)

Now there's a man with a kink...

Genre: Drama

Starring: Billy Bob Thornton (Bad Santa; Monster's Ball), Lucas Black (Sling Blade; The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift)

Directed By: Peter Berg (The Rundown; Very Bad Things)

Overview: Based on the true story of a Texas town football team in 1988, trying to make it to the State Championship, and the coach who led them there.

Acting: Oh Billy Bob, you never disappoint me. Another great performance. it was somewhat shocking to see Lucas Black (Sling Blade) all grown up and playing football, and he did really well too. The heavy scenes are well played out, not too hammy, the characters all have enough differentiating them to be unique and interesting. This was great.
Rating: 8

Cinematography: Vast! Panoramas, crane angles and helicopter shots of the stadium. Vibrant colour and great night lighting mixed with quick cuts of plays and cheerleaders. Real big feel, and real effective.
Rating: 8

Script: You know going into this kind of movie that there will be a lot of pep talks and inspirational bits of wisdom and patience, bordering on the saccharine but not quite. Well I was surprised to see coaches yelling in player's faces, "What the HELL do you think you're DOING! Think, with your HEAD! HOW the hell did you lose your HELMET!". Yes, there's some moving scenes, but this movie is far more realistic than expected, lots more "urgent-on-the-field-get-it-together-toot-sweet-or-we-lose" yelling and angry kind of dialogue too.
Rating: 8

Plot: Along with the script, one would expect some overwhelmingly dramatic slow motion last second victory stuff. The situations that the characters are in are far more realistic and down to earth. Honestly it's not about that last moment, it's about the voyage, real refreshing. It's more than just everyone's hopes rely on this game, it's not that grandiose... Like I said, it's more realistic, and it focuses less on the actual obvious stuff, it digs deeper.
Rating: 8

Mood: This movie is more than a team trying to win the big game with a coach telling them how to win it. It's all about the small town feel, all inhabitants holding the big dreams of 'Going to State', and carrying with it the weight of future memories for the players. The weight of 'Responsibility' throughout the movie along with the real yet wholesome attitude works excellently!
Rating: 8

No, no it's actually a real football movie, not one of those fruity... well ok, it's a little fruity...

Overall Rating: 80% (Real Entertaining)

Aftertaste: Friday Night Lights is entertaining and interesting to watch, especially watching Lucas all grown up. And Billy-Bob puts on a hell of a show. I know it's a football movie, and I hate sports, but all in all, this is one of the movies that I'll remember for a good long while.