Sunday, February 27, 2005

Godsend (2004)

See cause God bathes people in a holy light right, but this light is kinda unholy, that's right, that's what we call 'symbolism'.

Genre: Drama Horror Thriller (USA Canada)

Starring: Greg Kinnear (Little Miss Sunshine; Nurse Betty), Rebecca Romijn (X-Men; The Punisher)

Directed By: Mark Bomback (The Hole)

Overview: After the loss of their eight year old son, a family accepts the offer of having him cloned. Things turn strange however, when the clone turns eight years old.

Acting: The actors did well, but the secondary characters, like one of the other kids and the black nanny, absolutely sucked, to the point of making the movie a touch more ridiculous. Bad direction Mark! De Niro alone bumps it up a whole notch.
Rating: 7

This was very well done. A few scenes had really well done juxtaposed editing, and that house they live in and the static shots they used really made for a great visual effect.
Rating: 8

The lines are a little overboard at times, but it's a plot issue. The dialogue made perfect sense, if at times a little rote.
Rating: 6

The plot started off well with the cloning and then the troubles, all good. But the continuity and the believability turned absolutely stupid half way through: a cop stops the family's car on a bridge because down in the river firemen are moving a body. What the hell kind of police force does that? "Plenty to see here, please stop and watch, free trauma." Little things like that followed each other in a horrible domino effect, and any semblance of reality escaped me more and more. I could mention example after example of cheap scares and melodramatic secret revelations, but I'll just let the score speak for me.
Rating: 4

The mood was great in the first half, all suspense and build up, then it's lame, corny cheesy and Mom screamin' her head off terrified at every little thing while Dad yells at everybody. Thrillers do this a lot I've found. I guess they're harder to write than I think.
Rating: 6

"I don't care how much of a freak you are, just tell me you don't see dead people for the LOVE OF GOD!"

Overall Rating: 62% (Godsend? More like Purgatory.)

Aftertaste: Movies where I roll my eyes and laugh sometimes can create some memories, and I was even told that this movie was bad, and you know what? I watched it anyways, cause I can, cause I have 'Movies on Demand', and yes, yes, I should have watched Goodbye Lenin! instead. I can watch it later. So I watch a crappy movie on purpose now and then? It's in my nature to suffer, and it's also important to watch what the 'lesser audiences' do, isn't it?