Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hebrew Hammer (2003)

And aaaalll racist!

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Adam Goldberg (Saving Private Ryan; Deja Vu), Andy Dick (The Aristocrats; In The Army Now)

Directed By: Jonathan Kesselman

Overview: Who's the circumcised dick takin' on Santa to save Hanukkah? The Hebrew Hammer is! (Shut yo mouth!)

Acting: The acting is great! Seriously this thing couldn't have pulled it off if they weren't all great comedians. The delivery, the dry humour, the hamming it up when necessary, well done!
Rating: 8

Cinematography: The big budget feel of the cinematography and the sets surprised me a little. I really expected less money in this underrated film. It was really professionally done, though nothing terribly original.
Rating: 7

Script: This made me laugh a lot, especially that little Chinese guy in the bib. They really tried too hard sometimes, some of the jokes seemed way too forced, to the point of being groaners. Otherwise, I found myself rather entertained by the gross representation of Christians, Jews and Kwaanzans...
Rating: 7

Plot: The plot is hilarious. Santa's son, the next successor to the heir of Christmas decides that he must end Hanukkah, so he hatches a plot that would end the holy holiday once and for all. The direction this movie goes in is entertaining throughout.
Rating: 7

Mood: This is a touch film noir, a big hunk Jew-sploitation, all comedy. It's really reminiscent of those bad comedies like Spaceballs and Airplane, where the jokes are so blatant as to be so over the edge, you just have to laugh. Stereotypes galore! Funny as chutzpah should be.
Rating: 8

Yessir, the back fo his trunk...

Overall Rating: 74% (Good Times)

Aftertaste: You know those days you want to rent some stupid movie no one's ever seen then you watch it and you're blown away? Yeah, just like Minority Report, I expected something craptastic and ended up with gold, gold, gold. I was still laughing about it the next day, funny stuff.