Saturday, February 26, 2005

Rush (1991)

Narc is 1 000 000 times better than this toilet floater

Genre: Crime Drama

Starring: Jason Patric (Narc; The Lost Boys), Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Jacket;eXistenZ)

Directed By: Lini Fini Zanuck

Overview: Two cops go deep cover into the drug world, but instead of treading the waters they find themselves deep in the mire of the underworld they seek to infiltrate.

Acting: There was a slight corny overtone that I found permeated this movie and I don't know if it was the era or the characters, but I had slight issues with the taste of the believability. It's like everything Sam Elliot and Jason Patric said was epic and foreboding, like everything that was about to happen would change the face of the planet or something. Einh.
Rating: 6

There was nothing grandiose, but it was professional. Nothing impressive really. Not enough mood setting either. Typical dirst time director not biting of more than they can chew. Safe but bland.
Rating: 6

The script, like the acting seemed to have some elements of early nineties melodrama, a bit of a "L.A. Law" feel in it's self importance. The Characters are pretty believable in the things they say though. Again, nothing worth writing home about.
Rating: 6

The plot was fairly predictable, though the twists were decent and the drugs and their effects were well represented. They crash hard, they fly high. Overall though, it didn't pull me in like I had hoped. And that ending, ugh, bittersweet.
Rating: 6

The underground world of filth and crime could have been better in my mind. I mean Requiem for a Dream, Deep Cover and Narc are movies that blew me away and though there was some grim to this, it wasn't as dark or gritty as I would have liked.
Rating: 6

You know a movie sucks when you can't find more than a shot of a dude in a tub to plug it.

Overall Rating: 60% (Don't Hurry On My Account)

Aftertaste: The movie will fade quickly replaced by it's more recent and heavier permutations. I don't know why this is such a classic. Maybe it's more "common denominator", but that conclusion really didn't do much for me. I won't be recommending this to anyone unless they love the genre, but if they do, they'll have already seen this...