Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Bourne Supremacy (2004)

What makes him Supreme? The gun, you dumbass.

Genre: Action Adventure Mystery Thriller Drama (USA, Germany)

Starring: Matt Damon (Syriana; The Brothers Grimm), Joan Allen (Pleasantville; The Ice Storm)

Directed By: Paul Greengrass (Bloody Sunday; United 93)

Overview: Jason Bourne is back in action after being framed by the CIA. This time he goes after them to find his freedom.

Acting: The acting is great. Damon does well and the rest of the cast is familiar and experienced. I commend the continuity guy for having Damon limping in more than one scene.
Rating: 8

The high-budget makes for great crowd scenes and having lots of different cities in the movie. The many cameras and rapid editing made for a quick-cutting action-packed ride, and that car chase is nice and long! Real great.
Rating: 8

The script has it's Hollywood force-fed elements, and there's really not much you can walk away with in the way of quotes, but at least there's none of those cheesy comic book one liners and witty quips that you might expect.
Rating: 6

The plot and the twists are pretty standard and the bad guys all stand where they're supposed to, so it's not too original, but there's nothing bad about it. The writer knew it would be an action movie and they put plenty in there, but they let us thinkers get a touch of something too, unlike Terminator III, ugh.
Rating: 7

Action! So much action! That car chase is awesome, the foot chase at night with the subway, and the fistfight with his mentor, and the getaways, real exceptional, and so realistic, stuff actually gets broken and cars get broke down, and Bourne actually gets hurt now and then.
Rating: 9

"Ok, yeah baby, it was hot, but seriously I'm being chased now..."

Overall Rating: 76% (Good stuff!)

Aftertaste: The sequel. It's always a challenge. Does Hollywood just look at their Market Research and say, "no matter what we do here, we'll make money", or do they actually try and make a good movie. Well depends on the movie really. Bourne isn't going to be another Bond phenomenon or anything like that. I don't think this movie will be one I tout, but it's definitely one I was impressed with. If you seen the first one, you really might as well.