Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sin City (2005) - * TOP 5 * - Viewed Twice

Isn't it nice when everyone comes prepared?

Genre: Action Crime Drama Thriller Noir

Starring: Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four; Idle Hands), Bruce Willis (Hostage; Die Hard)

Directed By: Frank Miller (Sin City 2 & 3), Robert Rodriguez (Desperado; Once Upon A Time In Mexico), Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs; Pulp Fiction)

Overview: Immersed in the dark tales of Sin City, we follow the lesser of two evils as they try to make right with might.

Acting: The gravely voiced performance of Mikey Rourke was my alltime favorite, though I know people will prefer Bruce Willis' rendition of the everyman a little better. Benicio pulls off creep perfectly and Rosario does dominatrix like a pro, not to mention Clive Owen as a bad guy with a big heart. I think their overzealous portrayals each could have come close to disaster, had the direction been weaker, or had they chosen actors less experienced. Mindblowingly perfect.
Rating: 9

The feel is definitely Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, with all the CGI filters and backgrounds. This film relied less on the effect though and let you simply be immersed in the characters. The special effects blood and different colours and filters and the angles... This was top quality stuff.
Rating: 9

The script wavers from cheesy 1945 cliché Film-Noir and purely innovative tribute. The depression era similies and the stone-chewing wit is exactly as you would expect, but with real weight in the writing. Like Kill Bill, if you don't get it, you'll hate it. As for me, I get it.
Rating: 9

The plot is three stories of bad men doing good things, set in the darkest town you can imagine, rife with corruption, filth and crime. Dark, dark stuff, be warned. If this is your cup of tea, like it is mine, then you'll adore it. If this isn't your thing, forget it, you won't like it one bit. This is a true tribute to the Film-Noir comic genre.
Rating: 10

The mood is this whole movie. It was so good I ordered 40 bucks worth of comic books. I haven't done that since 1996. This black and oppressive universe sinks us into a mire of crime deeper than the Tar Pits they dump those bodies in. Again I issue caution. The mood is constant and pervasive. If Film-Noir is something you think you might not like before you see this, you're giving yourself a trial by fire. Luckily, it hit every black vein I have.
Rating: 10

Film Noir clashes with stark vibrancy... and some sexiness too

Overall Rating: 94% (Truly Wicked...)

Aftertaste: You know what? You might hate this. You might just think this is the stupidest movie in the world. The plot is solid though, honestly. Yes it's melodramatic and yes it's too gory for words, but holy God is it ever daring. It's like Sky Captain meets The Crow, but not in a bad way at all. Seriously, it's amazing and I have vowed to own this movie. No matter who you are, this will leave an indelible and lingering impression. Whether it's love or hate is up to you.